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Was James Franco’s Instagram Scandal A Marketing Ploy?

Did James Franco Really Hit On A 17-Year-Old Girl?

Accidentally hitting on a 17-year-old girl has left James Franco in hot water. The Oscar-nominated actor has since apologized for his actions, saying that “social media is tricky.” But was this supposed scandal part of James Franco’s promotion for his new feature film, Palo Alto? The film is based on a collection of short stories… Read more »

Lorde Reveals Her Real and Raw Beauty Without Makeup


Who would have ever thought that Lorde, a 17-year-old girl, posting a picture of herself with no makeup on Instagram would cause such an overwhelming event in the media? It would seem to be a phenomenon. News Flash Alert: Lorde took a picture of herself sitting on her bed in Paris, hair piled up on… Read more »

Zayn Malik’s Sexy Selfie Drives Instagram Crazy


Zayn Malik’s social media presence is just pure genius! He knows what his fans want and he gives exactly that! Just look at that super sexy selfie the One-D singer just took. Just give yourself a moment and stare at its magnificence. I mean, how hot and gorgeous is that! It’s Zayn Malik, looking into… Read more »

Miley Cyrus Gets ‘Sad Kitty’ Tattoo Inside Of Her Lip

Miley Cyrus Featured

Miley Cyrus has come a long way from her innocent years working for Disney as Hannah Montana. Now, it seems Miley is doing everything to expose herself as edgy, innovative, or daring – which includes a brand new tattoo…on the inside of her lip! The new tattoo was revealed, via her official Instagram, on Friday…. Read more »

Chief Keef Posts Smoked-Out Selfie Right After Rehab Stint


Chief Keep obviously feels some kind of way about rehab, and its quite evident that it doesn’t mean very much him. According to TMZ, the Chicago native openly shared his sentiments about rehab with his fans via Instagram, and he didn’t make any verbal connotations to get his point across. In his case, it’s definitely… Read more »

Facebook And Instagram Delete Posts For Illegal Gun Sales

Facebook Gun Posts

Facebook and Instagram are taking a stand against illegal gun sales. If any of their users post any form of gun sale activity deemed to be illegal, they will delete them. This came about because of gun control advocates. Because of the pressure, the social network, with 1.3 billion users, will take the next two… Read more »

Jen Selter, Internet Butt Goddess, Causes Stir With New Twitter Pic

Jen Selter new pic

Jen Selter, the increasingly famous Instagram butt-queen, is stretching her 15 minutes of fame as long as it will last. And in her case, maintaining her sudden and astonishing popularity is as easy as posting a new photograph of her world-famous, perfectly sculpted posterior. This time, however, perhaps she was attempting to boost her 318,000-strong… Read more »

Katy Perry Is Not Into Instagram, But Is Into Strippers

Katy Perry not into Instagram

Even though Katy Perry is celebrating being the most followed user on Twitter with 50 million Twitter followers, there’s one popular social network that she’s absolutely not into, and that’s Instagram. Perry sat down for an interview with GQ magazine recently, where they uncovered a few tidbits about the singer. One of them is that… Read more »

‘Tips For Jesus’ Strikes Again

Tips For Jesus

“Tips For Jesus”, the anonymous diner famous for leaving huge tips in the name of Jesus, has stuck again, this time in a San Francisco. The tipper stuck at the high-end Japanese restaurant, Roka Akor, this time leaving a $3,000 tip on a $147 bill. This isn’t the first time the big tipper has struck… Read more »

Facebook: Young Users See The Site As ‘Dead And Buried’


The Global Social Media Impact Study funded by the European Union has found a very disturbing trend for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Among older teenagers, the prevailing opinion is that Facebook is “not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried”. Teens are now being drawn to social networks they find simpler, like… Read more »

Instagram Rumored To Add Private Messaging By End Of The Year

Instagram Private Messaging

Instagram is rumored to be close to adding a private messaging feature into its photo-sharing app, and this new feature could be made available as soon as the end of this year. According to Gigaom, “well-placed sources” tell them that the company is gearing up to launch the new private messaging feature inside its ever… Read more »

Tampa Woman Arrested For Dangling Baby From Balcony

Woman arrested

A 25-year-old woman from Tampa Bay, Florida has been arrested after she posted a photograph of herself dangling her baby from her balcony. The woman, Aisha Jean Clark, apparently told police when they arrived at her house: “I can do what I want with my baby. Nobody can stop me.” Clark’s friends contacted the authorities… Read more »

‘Berzerk’ Eminem Track Released Today [Watch]


“Berzerk,” the new Eminem track on his latest album MMLP2, is due for release today! Slim Shady posted a sneaky sample of the song on his website, which is teasing fans with a 30 second snippet of things to come. The track is due for release today and promises to give Eminem fans exactly what… Read more »

Cheryl Cole Reveals Shocking Full Backside Tattoo

cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole, the well known pop star, has always been an avid art fan. She also seems to have a thing for English roses. Her tattoo artist, Nikko Hurtado, (interesting name for a tattoo artist!) who owns the Black Anchor tattoo studio in Hesperia, California, posted an image of his work on Cheryl’s backside and… Read more »

Social Networks Turned Into Real Life Scenarios

Social networks become real life in parody videos

Social networks have been turned into real life scenarios in these parody videos. What if the sites you visited ended up becoming your life? No, we don’t mean just becoming an obsession that takes over your life, but actually becoming scenarios you encounter from day to day. These videos show what would happen if some… Read more »

Man Posts Paycheck On Instagram, Gets Insta-Fired

paycheck on instagram

A man posted his paycheck on Instagram to protest the high cost of living in New York City. As a result, 31-year-old Wade Groom was fired last Wednesday from his job of three months as a salesman for Lacoste. At the time of writing, the paycheck photo is gone and Wade Groom’s Instagram account header… Read more »