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Chris Pratt: ‘I Just Like To Gain And Lose Weight’

Chris Pratt: "I Just Like To Gain And Lose Weight"

There should be little, if any, doubt remaining as to whether box-office sensation Chris Pratt is a bona fide Hollywood star. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Pratt’s latest film, Jurassic World, took in $511.8 million worldwide during its first weekend, making it the highest-grossing box-office opening of all-time. Naturally, the Hollywood star must remain in… Read more »

‘Jurassic World': Chris Pratt Has Already Signed On For Sequel

'Jurassic World': Science Errors Like Feathered Dinosaurs Defended By Jack Horner

If you enjoyed Chris Pratt in Jurassic World — judging by its early box office success, you probably did — then get ready for more of him in the future. Jurassic World broke the record for Universal’s all-time debut with $18.5 million. It is set to make over $170 million this weekend, which would be… Read more »

Steven Spielberg Wants Chris Pratt As Indiana Jones


Steven Spielberg wants to return to the world of Indiana Jones, and he wants to bring Chris Pratt along for the ride. Deadline is reporting that if a script comes to Spielberg’s satisfaction, he would like to direct the next Indiana Jones installment with Chris Pratt as the adventuring archaeologist. In the past, Spielberg has… Read more »

Disney Places ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie On Slate After ‘Star Wars’

Indiana Jones Still At Works At Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently revealed that the company is still interested in creating more films in the Indiana Jones franchise. Iger attended a recent breakfast with Variety, where reporter Marc Graser was live tweeting the event. Graser reported Bob’s hopes for more Indiana Jones, and why fans will have to wait for the potential… Read more »

It’s Official: Disney Owns The Summer Box Office

disneys summer blockbusters

After last weekend moved Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy back into the No. 1 slot in theaters, which means Disney can officially claim ownership of the summer box office. The Walt Disney Company, which owns Marvel Studios, released three powerhouse films this summer including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Maleficent and Guardians of the Galaxy…. Read more »

Holy Grail Stolen While on Loan to Sick Woman


Uh-oh, call Indiana Jones. A wooden chalice purported to be the “Holy Grail” has been stolen from the house of an elderly woman in the rural village of Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire, reported British tabloid The Daily Mail. The woman was not the owner of the Holy Grail, but she had it on loan from the family… Read more »

Shia LaBeouf Headed For Treatment Following ‘Bizarre Behavior’

Shia Labeouf Seeks Treatment

Shia LaBeouf, star of Transformers and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, is seeking treatment following a string of incidents involving bizarre behavior. Accused of disturbing a performance of the musical, Cabaret, recently in New York, Shia LaBeouf’s publicist, Melissa Kates, said the actor is seeking treatment for alcoholism according to The… Read more »

Indiana Jones 5: Harrison Ford Is On Board Despite Leg Injury


The Inquisitr has been reporting on all of the rumors about Indiana Jones 5, including potential A-list stars. The rumor that Bradley Cooper would join the cast of a new Indiana Jones was shot down, but Robert Pattinson is still being considered. None of this matters if Harrison Ford doesn’t reprise his role as Indiana… Read more »

Spain’s Holy Grail: That Is Not The Cup Of A Carpenter


Is that the Holy Grail or a bad movie prop? Despite the massive pilgrimage underway following the announcement by two Spanish historians that the legendary Holy Grail has been found, there are many who remain skeptical as to whether this bejeweled cup is in fact the cup from which Jesus drank the night before he… Read more »

Real-Life Indiana Jones Sues Disney Over ‘Crystal Skull’

indiana jones

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was panned by critics for unrealistic action sequences, but for one Belizean archaeologist the movie hit a little too close to home. Jaime Awe, a real-life Indiana Jones, is suing Disney, LucasFilm and Paramount for using the likeness of a real crystal skull that was stolen… Read more »