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TNA Breaking News: Top TNA Star Bully Ray Quits The Company

Bully Ray1

In what can only be seen as a massive blow to TNA Wrestling, former TNA World Champion Bully Ray has quit the company. According to EWN, Bully Ray had a meeting with the roster at the August 17th house show in Hagerstown, Maryland. Sources claim that Ray met with the TNA roster to tell them… Read more »

Ric Flair Predicted TNA Would Go Out Of Business A Year Ago

Ric Flair Issues Dire Prediction For TNA

Ric Flair may not be an expert on life outside the ring, but when it comes to the wrestling business, he’s a man of foresight. Just how much foresight? Well, in August of 2013, while appearing on The Steve Austin Show, he told host “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that TNA would go out of business… Read more »

TNA News: TNA President Dixie Carter Legitimately Hurt At iMPACT Taping


Authority members in Pro-Wrestling have seemingly always been part of Television angles in some way, whether it be NWA, TNA, WCW, or what have you. Story-lines didn’t get really physical with front office people as wrestlers and the people who ran the business remained separate. Things really began to change with the wrestler/front office dynamic… Read more »