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Ikea Monkey Will Remain In Sanctuary

Ikea Monkey Lawsuit

The Ikea monkey will remain in an animal sanctuary. Ontario Superior Court Judge Mary Vallee dismissed Yasmin Nakhuda’s request to take the monkey home. Nakhuda refers to herself as Darwin’s mom. Last year, Darwin was found wandering around an Ikea parking lot. He was wearing a beige coat with sheepskin accents and a diaper. He… Read more »

Free Ikea Monkey! Owner Protests Darwin’s Fate

free ikea monkey

The Ikea Monkey captured the hearts of the internet this month when little Darwin mischievously snuck out of his carrier and followed his owner into a Toronto Ikea — stumbling upon worldwide fame due to the iconic and adorable image of the teensy primate, clad in a shearling jacket, walking around the home goods store… Read more »

On The Catwalk

ikea monkey catwalk

The Ikea Monkey is so fashion forward, he’s already modeling next ...

IKEA Monkey Rehomed In Sanctuary, Owner Distraught

ikea monkey sanctuary

The IKEA monkey who captured hearts across the globe after he went rogue in a Canada branch of the store has been taken from his current owners and placed in a sanctuary for his own safety, but the woman who cared for the macaque, now renamed “Darwin,” is distraught and hoping to be reunited with… Read more »

Monkey Spotted In Canadian IKEA Store


Shoppers who paid a recent visit to an IKEA store in Canada where treated to the antics of monkey is a stylish coat, according to Yahoo! News. Although it’s not too surprising that a monkey would eventually find its way into an IKEA location, the tiny animal in the sheepskin jacket wasn’t there to shop… Read more »