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Human Organs From 100 People Found During Florida Storage Unit Auction

human organs found in storage unit auction

Pensacola, FL – A medical examiner allegedly stashed the hearts, lungs, and brains of more than 100 people inside drink cups and Tupperware containers. Dr. Michael Berkland is accused of keeping the human organs, which were soaking in formaldehyde, inside a rented storage unit. In 2003, the Pensacola medical examiner was fired for failing to… Read more »

Etsy Bans The Sale Of Human Remains, Smokeable Products

Human Teeth On Etsy

Hoping to buy some human body parts on Etsy? Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. In an effort to protect itself from the people who sell such questionable content on the popular e-commerce site, the company will not longer allow the sale of human remains and body parts. Those looking for a new pinkie toe will… Read more »

Maryland Police Find Decomposing Human Head Behind Shopping Mall


Maryland police officers are investigating a partly decomposed human head found behind a shopping mall yesterday. The decomposing human head is believed to be female and was found in the Ritchie Highway and Jumpers Hole Road area in Pasadena, Maryland, according to the Baltimore Sun. A local man was taking a walk in the wooded… Read more »