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Olivia Wilde’s Latest Interviews Prove She’s Anything But Boring

Olivia Wilde talks about her experience filming The Lazarus Effect.

Recently, Esquire magazine met with Olivia Wilde for an interview, and what followed may have surprised the journalist, because Ms. Wilde proceeded to edit the interview herself. Better still, Esquire published the interview with Olivia’s annotations included, printed in bold for easy reading. Ms. Wilde began the interview talking about her Georgetown home and growing… Read more »

‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Remake Is In The Works

Jacob's Ladder Movie

Jacob’s Ladder is the latest classic horror flick to get the remake treatment. Director Adrian Lyne’s creepy film is considered by some to be one of the greatest horror flicks ever conceived. The flick is loaded from top to bottom with hallucinatory images and scales galore. It’s a thinking man’s horror flick, one that has… Read more »