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Bakery Bigotry May Cost Sweet Cakes By Melissa Owners Dearly

Sweet Cakes owners may have to pay dearly

Bigotry against homosexuals won’t win you any popularity contests these days, and it certainly won’t keep your business operating in the long-term. Sweet Cakes By Melissa bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein have learned that lesson the hard way, and they aren’t done paying for their mistakes. The couple may have to file bankruptcy now,… Read more »

What Does The Bible Really Say About Gay People?

The Bible On Gay People

I believe the Bible is the true Word of God. Within Bible pages we can find instructions and guidance on how to live our lives. The Bible was given to us as a manual of sorts. How would we know right from wrong if not for the Bible? However, the Bible can seem confusing and… Read more »

Gay Marriage: Support For Same-Sex Weddings Dropping, Pew Poll Proclaims

Pew gay marriage

Gay marriage support appears to be declining, if the results from a new Pew Research Center poll are accurate. Similar polls conducted by Pew and other groups over the past few years had indicated an increase in support for same-sex marriage. The latest results could reveal a “leveling off of opinion” on the topic, according… Read more »

What Christian Singer Demi Lovato Says About Gay Love Is Amazing

Demi Lovato Twitter

Over the years, Demi Lovato has become one of the most prominent stars in both the musical spotlight and the camera limelight. Just this year alone, The Inquisitr reported numerous times on her professional and personal life. Professional highlights included her becoming the new face for the shoe brand Skechers, as well as the significant… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Producer Opens Up About Phil Robertson

phil robertson

Duck Dynasty producer Deidre Gurney revealed what she thought about Phil Robertson’s statements about homosexuality during a recent interview. Gurney said that although she remained silent as controversy swirled around the reality show star, she wanted to defend Robertson. During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter the Duck Dynasty producer had this to say about… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty': Willie Robertson Talks About His Dad’s Views On Gays

Duck Dynasty

Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame sat down recently with CNN to talk about his dad’s views on gays. The reality show star’s comments are getting a strong reaction from both sides of the homosexuality debate. Robertson refused to tone down his thoughts on faith during the high profile interview. As previously reported by The… Read more »

Pope Francis Eases Catholic Doctrine

Pope Francis eases Catholic Doctrine

Pope Francis is easing Catholic doctrine, saying it’s too strict. The Catholic church’s harsh doctrine involving divorce, gay marriage, contraception, and abortion are about to be eased up as Pope Francis is taking the route of separation between the sin and the sinner. In short, he believes that what you have done does not define… Read more »

Robert Mugabe Gay Rant: ‘Chop Off Their Heads’

Robert Mugabe Says 'Off With Their Heads' [Gays]

A Robert Mugabe gay rant gave some idea of what LGBT individuals can expect should the former Zimbabwe president be reelected. According to Zimbabwe’s NewsDay, at a recent campaign rally, the opponent of homosexuality indicated he would deal harshly with the act should he win his country’s support. “If you take men and lock them… Read more »

Pastors Terrified Of Lawsuits Over Not Performing Gay Weddings

gay wedding ceremony

Some religious leaders are terrified of facing lawsuits for choosing to not perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. Fearing they’ll become targets in hate-crime lawsuits, some conservative church leaders are even rewriting their bylaws to prevent homosexuals from using their facilities. “It’s just a matter of time,” said Joe Carr, the pastor of Waynesville Missionary Baptist Church… Read more »

Archbishop Oscar Cruz Is Okay With Gays Marrying Lesbians

Archbishop Oscar Cruz Is Okay With Gays Marrying Lesbians

Although the Philippines has a harsh stance on homosexual marriage, Archbishop Oscar Cruz has said that a marriage between a gay man and a lesbian might be allowed. The judicial vicar of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines-National Appellate Matrimonial Tribuna told a church forum on Tuesday that marriage between a gay man and… Read more »