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Joe The Plumber: ‘Guns Are Mostly For Hunting Down Politicians’

Joe The Plumber on Guns

Joe The Plumber is back — two days after penning an “open letter” to the grieving parents of the Isla Vista mass shooting victims, in which he told them that their “dead kids” were less important than his unfettered gun rights. This time, Joe The Plumber, whose real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher, has authored another… Read more »

Toure: MSNBC Host Says Jewish Holocaust Survivors Benefited From Being White


MSNBC host Toure is feeling extensive backlash by a major Jewish group and others for his comments about Holocaust survivors. During a recent tweet, Toure said Jewish Holocaust survivors “benefited from the power of whiteness.” While on Twitter, Toure responded to another user, who is the relative of a Holocaust survivor. According to the poster,… Read more »

Remembrance Day 2014: Holocaust Survivors Will Never Forget

Remembrance Day 2014: Holocaust

Holocaust survivors mark Remembrance Day 2014 on Monday, when Israel stops for a moment to pay respect to the more than six-million Jews that were exterminated by Adolf Hitler during World War II, one of the darkest hours in history. As citizens remember not only the victims that perished by the systematic extermination of Jews… Read more »

Nazi Diary: Rosenberg’s Personal Diary Published Online

nazi diary

A long lost Nazi diary which was written by a war criminal during the second world war has been recovered and published online. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum recovered the personal account, known as the Rosenberg Diary. The diary, kept by a close confidant of the Fuher himself called Alfred Rosenberg, outlines the Nazi’s fascist… Read more »

Nazi War Crimes Attributed To 98-Year-Old Suspect In Hungary

Nazi War Crimes Committed By Man, Found In Hungary

Nazi war crimes are charged to a 98-year-old man who was arrested last year in Hungary after topping Nazi-hunters’ most wanted lists. Laszlo Csatary, also known as Ladislaus Csizsick-Csatary, denies accusations that he was involved in the murder of 15,700 Jews as part of Germany’s ethnic cleansing programs in World War II. He maintains that… Read more »

Auschwitz Marks 68 Years Of Liberation [Video]

68th Liberation of Auschwitz

January 27, 2013 marked the 68th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest and most well-known of all Nazi concentration and extermination camps, located in Poland. A small ceremony was held at the Auschwitz-Birkenau state museum in which survivors and camp liberators were invited to attend, according to the JTA. “When our soldiers saw… Read more »

Joe The Plumber: Gun Control Caused Holocaust And Armenian Genocide

Joe The Plumber I Love America

Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber,” uploaded a YouTube video on Monday in which he attempted to link the Holocaust and Armenian genocides to gun control advocates. In his video the Ohio Congressional candidate said: “I’m just stating the fact that history is very important — people need to understand what happened. Different countries around… Read more »