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Minnesota Woman Fights For The Right To Fly Her American Flag

Minnesota Woman Fights For The Right To Fly American Flag

On the Fourth of July, nothing is more patriotic than flying the American flag, but one Minnesota woman is in a fight with her condo association to do just that. Angie Hildebrandt, who has two sons serving in the military, received a letter from her condo association advising her to take down the American flag… Read more »

A Few Simple Ways For Reducing Your Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress And Depression

Holiday stress and depression can spoil your holidays and be harmful to your health. However, you don’t have to become a victim to these emotional setbacks. Preventing holiday stress and depression should be first and foremost, especially if you have a history of stressful and depressing holidays. It’s important to be realistic. Don’t expect the… Read more »

Ohio Holiday Collision Kills Four [Breaking]

A family leaving a Christmas party in a minivan died when they went the wrong way on a southwestern Ohio highway and hit another minivan with a family going to see their grandparents. At 2:30 am on Interstate 75 near Franklin, the head-on collision took the lives of three adults and one seven-year-old boy and… Read more »