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Ebola Outbreak Spreading: How To Protect Yourself

ebola outbreak linked to eating infected bats

The Ebola outbreak that has hit Guinea and neighboring Liberia has reached dire levels and is continuing to claim lives. According to the World Health Organization, more than 100 people have succumbed to the disease in Guinea, along with another 10 in Liberia. Dozens of others have been infected and are fighting the disease since… Read more »

Seven Bad Health Habits Women Need To Avoid

Balanced diet and exercise

Bad health habits are not hard to avoid. Good health habits can be achieved with a little effort. Creating a healthy lifestyle for oneself is simply a matter of making small changes which create healthy habits. With that in mind here are several bad habits we should all avoid. 1) Falling Asleep With Makeup On… Read more »

Heidi Klum Does a Daring Thing In a Bikini

Hedi Klum has rockin bod at 40

Heidi Klum seems to be having the time of her life. The 40 year old former supermodel turned TV host has been jetting around the world, first on a romantic getaway with new boyfriend Vito Schnabel and this past weekend, in the Bahamas with her family. Heidi was strutting her fit body around the beach,… Read more »

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu: Which Items To Avoid [Video]

Taco Bell breakfast items will be released March 27.

The Taco Bell breakfast menu is going to be unleashed on the world on March 27. And although there has already been mixed reviews about whether Taco Bell should be offering items for breakfast, there hasn’t been a real discussion of the (un)healthiness of the breakfast items that Taco Bell will serve up — until… Read more »

Low-Carb Diets: How Paleo Could Change Your Life

Paleo Diet

Low-carb diets aren’t anything new; we all try to keep up with the constant barrage of new fad-diets which come and go and with new studies offering the latest theory on what’s healthy for humans. One of the most recent, and highly successful, fad-diets is the Paleo (or “caveman”) diet. It follows the principle of… Read more »

The Daniel Diet: Turning To The Bible For Weight Loss

The Daniel Diet

The Daniel Diet is another new diet, and this one has people turning to the Bible of all places. According to ABC News, the Daniel Diet, inspired by the Biblical prophet Daniel, has become a popular diet among some U.S. Protestant congregations to help encourage healthy eating. “According to two passages in the Bible, Daniel… Read more »

Julianne Moore’s Secret To The Perfect Body

Reed Krakoff

Julianne Moore, the 52-year-old Carrie star, spoke to Health Magazine about the fitness and health regime which keeps her looking youthful and in shape. She spoke about her routine and the way in which she keeps herself healthy: I try to do Ashtanga yoga two to three times a week,” she told Health in its… Read more »

Man Claims One P90X Workout Landed Him In The ER

P90X workout ER

A business man who had the best intentions of getting in shape ended up in the ER after only one P90X workout. The P90X workout is one of the most physically demanding home workouts out on the market and it is used by celebrities and every day folks alike, but for one man, the experience… Read more »

Men Cause Menopause, Says Study

men cause menopause

Do men cause menopause because they prefer younger women? That’s the short version of a new study published on Thursday in the open access science journal PLOS Computational Biology. Most mammals don’t go through menopause, a process that shuts down a female’s ability to menstruate or have children. It’s something of a mystery why human… Read more »

Soy Sauce Overdose Puts Teenager In Coma

Soy Sauce Coma

A soy sauce overdose recently put a teenager in a coma. College student John Paul Boldrick reportedly consumed an entire quart of the sauce on a dare back in 2011. What he didn’t know beforehand was that the stuff can be hazardous to your health in very high doses. The excess amount of salt in… Read more »

Instagram Food Picture Poster? You Have An Eating Disorder

instagram food pictures

Sounds judgmental, but a mental health expert said recently that the number of Instagram food pictures on your thread directly correlates to your health. You might even have an eating disorder. Though many think that the urge to photograph breakfast, lunch and dinner and post the pictures to Instagram is strange to annoying, Canadian Obesity… Read more »