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Going Vegetarian Could Be Key To Weight Loss Says New Study

Switching to a vegetarian diet can help with weight loss say experts.

Runners World Magazine recently featured a new six month study published in the journal Nutrition which suggests that switching to a vegetarian diet may be the key to weight loss and a lot of athletes seems to be taking notice. The study covered a group of adults who were overweight or already obese and divided… Read more »

American Pigs Too Fat For Hams This Holiday Season

American pigs are now too fat to even be used as ham.

The United States has an obesity problem this year, and it’s not just Americans that are overweight. Now, American pigs are too fat, too; too fat even to be the holiday ham, say ham producers. The American meat industry has long been criticized for the unnaturally plump livestock, but this year pigs grown in the… Read more »

Nations Meet In Rome For Global Nutrition Conference

Delegates from around the world meet to discuss the world's nutritional challenges at International Nutrition Conference.

Representatives from over 170 nations as well as the WHO (World Health Organization) gathered on Tuesday for the opening ceremonies of the Second International Conference on Nutrition in Rome. The nutrition conference is aimed at finding solutions to the pressing nutritional problems of the international community, where over half of the planet’s population is suffering… Read more »

Delicious Skin Care: 6 Power House Foods For Healthy Skin

world running out of chocolate

With all of the latest skin care products on the market, many people overlook one of the most important steps in their skin care routine: their diet. What we eat can have an enormous impact on our skin and a lot of the natural ingredients that we see included in skin care products, like avocado,… Read more »

Teal Pumpkin Project Changes The Way We Think About Halloween Candy

The Teal Pumpkin Project seeks to help kids enjoy Halloween without the Halloween candy worries.

While many kids dressed in their cutest and spookiest best take to the streets on All Hallow’s Eve to collect their treasury of Halloween candy from house to house, thousands of kids miss out on the fun due to allergies and other dietary restrictions. However, the Teal Pumpkin Projects is aiming to change that. Since… Read more »

Natural Ways To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Stress and certain foods can trigger painful flare-ups of rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, often painful inflammatory disorder that most often affects the small joints in the hands and feet. Rheumatoid arthritis can cause severe pain, swelling, joint stiffness, and even result in loss of movement and range in the affected area, most often in the hands. Although there is no cure for rheumatoid… Read more »

Walmart Introduces $40 Doctor Visits At Their New Care Clinics

Walmart Health Center

Months after Walmart announced its plans to enter into the healthcare industry, the world’s largest retail chain has opened a Care Clinic in Galvaston, Georgia. Northwest Georgia News has released that services to be offered at Walmart Care Clinics include preventative health services, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and guidance on managing chronic problems such… Read more »

Wedding Weight Loss: Couple Sheds A Combined 133 Pounds For Their Special Day

Matt Bradley

One engaged couple decided they’d commit themselves to something more than just marriage – weight loss! According to Elite Daily, Matt Bradley and his fiancé, Hannah, reportedly dropped a combined 133 pounds in time for their wedding day. During a recent interview, the Warwickshire native shared details about their weight loss journey. The couple, who… Read more »

Weight Loss: A Craze Gone Too Far?

Weight loss may or may not carry all the health benefits we so readily associate with it.

The miracle of weight loss is one that everyone has heard of, and that the majority strives toward. Shedding a pound here or there, dropping a jean size, and being complimented on skinniness are all considered huge health victories in today’s society. But recent research suggests that our perception that weight loss and a healthy… Read more »

Do You Want To Know A Secret? Telling Your Secrets Can Make You Healthier


Pssst! Want to know a secret? Okay, here’s one. Did you know that keeping secrets can actually be harmful to your health. At the same time, revealing your personal secrets can produce immediate health benefits. This stylish video from BuzzFeed uses secrets compiled from the Whisper app, which allows users to anonymously unburden themselves of… Read more »

Pneumonic Plague: Three More Diagnosed With Deadly Disease

colorado plague

Three more Colorado residents have been diagnosed with pneumonic plague. Those who have contracted the rare and deadly disease are believed to have become ill after having contact with an infected dog. As previously reported by The Inquistir, the dog’s owner was hospitalized after presenting with a life-threatening form of the plague. The Colorado Department… Read more »

Measles Outbreak In Ohio Amish Country

ohio Amish country

Measles have hit Ohio Amish country and complicated two major events in the Knox County and Homes County community. Local officials have embarked on an educational campaign to combat the spread of the measles in the Amish community and to encourage vaccination. Ohio Amish country is anticipating visitors from around world for two upcoming public… Read more »

Coconut Oil Health Benefits: Fact or Folklore?

The fatty oil from coconuts

Everyone is abuzz over the newly rediscovered health benefits of coconut oil. If you’ve been on any social media site in the past few months, you’ve likely seen a post about the positive effects coconut oil can have on skin, hair, and metabolism. The ancient practice of oil pulling has also been all the rage… Read more »

Salt: Government Mandatory Limits May Be Coming Soon

FDA sodium levels

Salt many soon be restricted in all food sold in America if the new FDA limits are imposed as planned. The Food and Drug Administration could place “mandatory limits” on salt if the voluntary measures posed to food companies do not achieve the desired results. Currently, the request by the FDA to lower sodium levels… Read more »

Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hurting Organ Donation Rates?

Cast Photo People's Choice Awards

It’s hard not to love Grey’s Anatomy, with its complex and sometimes-melodramatic plot and its rich cast of characters, but a recent study has concluded that the show might have an attitude problem that’s rubbing off on its fans. The paper, first published in Communication Research, concluded that as a show, Grey’s Anatomy “depicts doctors… Read more »

The Best Diet Foods To Get Ready For Summer

The Best Diet Foods To Get Ready For Summer Decrease Bloating.

The best diet foods to get ready for summer are ultimately going to be the foods that allow you to feel great while helping ensure that you are not going to be bloated. After all, there’s nothing worse than working hard for a beach body, but not be able to show it because you feel… Read more »

Ebola Outbreak Spreading: How To Protect Yourself

ebola outbreak linked to eating infected bats

The Ebola outbreak that has hit Guinea and neighboring Liberia has reached dire levels and is continuing to claim lives. According to the World Health Organization, more than 100 people have succumbed to the disease in Guinea, along with another 10 in Liberia. Dozens of others have been infected and are fighting the disease since… Read more »

Seven Bad Health Habits Women Need To Avoid

Balanced diet and exercise

Bad health habits are not hard to avoid. Good health habits can be achieved with a little effort. Creating a healthy lifestyle for oneself is simply a matter of making small changes which create healthy habits. With that in mind here are several bad habits we should all avoid. 1) Falling Asleep With Makeup On… Read more »