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Ellie Goulding Talks Fitness, Her Diet, And Representing Her Fans

Ellie Goulding Fitness

Much has been made of Ellie Goulding and her love of fitness. Goulding frequently talks about her love for running and even has a Nike endorsement. All that doesn’t change the fact that Goulding doesn’t always follow healthy eating habits. You would never know it by looking at her, but in a recent interview with… Read more »

Watch More Cat Videos, Apparently They’re Good For Your Health

Want Good Health Watch Cat Videos

Good news, cat fans! Those viral videos you enjoy watching featuring feline antics may be good for your health. So suggests a study published in Computers in Human Behavior. The study examined the internet habits and emotional well-being of 7,000 participants. What researchers reportedly found was a possible correlation between time spent watching cat videos… Read more »

Asthma Sufferers May Be At Risk Of Taking Deadly Medication

Asthma Sufferers May Get Deadly Medication

People with asthma are at risk of having a potentially fatal attack. Thousands of people are in danger because they are using long-acting reliever inhalers on their own rather than with a steroid preventer, according to a report by Asthma UK. Asthma UK asserts that using the long-acting reliever inhalers pose a danger because, even… Read more »

New Study Reveals Your Birth Month Could Predict Risk For Certain Diseases

birth month predicts disease risk

Researchers from Columbia University have found that your birth month may actually predict your chances of getting certain diseases. The study, which was published in the Journal of the American Informatics Association, looked at 1.75 million patients’ records at the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center who were born between 1900 and 2000, and treated between… Read more »

Over 50 People Affected By Food Poisoning In Salt Lake City

Over 50 people suffered from food poisoning last weekend in SLC.

Roughly 55 people suffered from food poisoning in Salt Lake City last weekend. An epidemiologist with the Salt Lake County health department stated that symptoms of the food poisoning included severe stomach pains and nausea/vomiting. Those affected by the poisoning were staying at the Road Home homeless shelter, but food was not served there. The… Read more »

Happiness Smells, According To Surprising New Research

Happiness Smells

Happiness smells, according to surprising new research. A team of European researchers performed a study and found that people who experienced happiness may produce chemicals in their sweat that can be transmitted to others. Andreas Keller, research associate with The Rockefeller University in New York City, offered a simple explanation about the researcher’s findings to… Read more »

Researchers Finally Answer The Age-Old Nature Vs. Nurture Question

Nature vs Nurture

The age-old nature versus nurture question has spewed countless debates throughout history. But now, Australian researchers say they have the answer and, well, it’s a draw, folks. Based on a study published in Nature Genetics, human traits are determined almost equally by both nature and nurture. The researchers collated 2,748 twin studies from the last… Read more »

Top Four Possible Cures For Cancer On The Way

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM - DECEMBER 09: A Scientist looks at cells through a fluorescent microscope at the laboratories at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute on December 9, 2014 in Cambridge, England. Cancer Research UK is the world's leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Its vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. They have saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, and as such the survival rate in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years. Cancer Research UK funds over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK, more than 33,000 patients who join clinical trials each year and a further 40,000 volunteers that give their time to support the work. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images/Cancer Research UK)

As technology advances, many scientists believe the human race is coming closer than ever to a cure for cancer. News stories hit the internet frequently boasting new treatments or even cures for cancer, but they never seem to amount to anything. This is often due to the time it takes before human trials begin and… Read more »

New HPV Vaccine Can Prevent 80 Percent of Cervical Cancers, Research Says

New HPV Vaccine Can Prevent 80% of Cervical Cancers

New research suggests that a recently developed human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine can potentially prevent 80 percent of cervical cancers if it is administered before the child is 11 or 12 years old. HPV is a common sexually transmitted infection that can spread from one partner to another through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. And an… Read more »

Shopping List Helps In Guiding People To A Healthier Diet

Shopping List Linked To Healthier Diet

A shopping list is linked to being a contributing factor for people who want a healthier diet. Researchers at RAND Corporation found that people who used a shopping list are more likely to make quality food choices. A recent study conducted in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area found a link between people who used a shopping… Read more »