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Listening To Heavy Metal May Actually Make You Calmer, Study Says

Listening to Heavy Metal May Actually Make You Calmer, Study Says

Apparently, Ozzy Osbourne and the heavy metal genre may hold the key to happiness. A recent study has deduced that “extreme” music genres, like heavy metal, punk, and emo may actually help calm listeners that are angry. Researchers say that the results contradict the idea that heavy metal listening is linked to aggression and misconduct…. Read more »

Fracking May Affect Human Health And Air Quality, Study Finds

Fracking Public Health Study

Fracking may expose people living or working near active natural gas wells to pollutants. Higher levels of certain pollutants may increase the risk of respiratory ailments and cancer for people in the immediate area where fracking takes place, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Oregon and University of Cincinnati. A… Read more »

Vegetarians Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters, New Study Shows

Vegetarians less healthy than meat eaters

Vegetarian? You’re going to want a side of meat with those vegetables. Vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters, according to a new study out of Austria. Vegetarians suffer from higher risk of asthma, cancer, allergies, and poor mental heath compared to their meat-eating counterparts. It is important to note that the study did not… Read more »

Weight Loss May Permanently Cure Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

Are you overweight and suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? If so, there may be some help for you. A new study shows that weight loss, even a small amount, can help ease OSA. Finnish researchers have studied the effects on an individual’s weight, and their sleeping condition. What they have found is that people… Read more »

Cocaine Could Rewire Your Brain After Just One Use, Study Says

Cocaine Can Rewire The Brain With Just One Use

Could cocaine rewire your brain after just one use? A new study thinks so. A new study at UC San Francisco’s Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center has revealed that cocaine may rewire the brain and drastically affect decision-making after just one use. Researchers used life mice to study the frontal love, the area of… Read more »

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Romanticizes Sexual Abuse, Study

Fifty Shades new study shows the book romanticizes sexual abuse.

Fifty Shades Of Grey, E.L.. James’ raunchy novel is not good for abused women, a study finds. In fact, it romanticizes what can be traumatic experiences. In one such case, Natalie Collins married early, at 17. At first, the man was charming, but she soon discovered a darker side to his personality, he became manipulative… Read more »

Quit Smoking, Make More Money, Says Study

quitting smoking study

Quitting smoking will help your money situation in more ways than one. Not only will you obviously save by not buying cigarettes (in my state, they are nearing $10 a pack), but something about having been a smoker and choosing to quit just increases your employment and advancement appeal. According to a new study highlighted… Read more »

GMO Feed Damaged Pigs Health, Says Study

GMO Feed Damaged Pigs Health, Says Study

A study by the Institute of Health and Environmental Research has revealed that pigs fed on a strict GMO diet had an increased risk of severe stomach inflammation. This type of study isn’t the first to uncover the potential dangers associated with GMO food – a study of Monsanto’s GMO corn linked the food to… Read more »

Smoking ‘Rots’ Your Brain, Damages Memory [Study]

Smoking "rots" the brain, according to a new study

New research from King’s College in London suggests that smoking cigarettes “rots” your brain by damaging memory, learning, and reasoning capabilities. A study published in the Journal of Age and Ageing of 8,800 people over 50 also showed high blood pressure and obesity affecting the brain but to a lesser extent. The researchers said that… Read more »

Vitamin D May Help Prevent Multiple Sclerosis In Moms, Study Shows

Elevated levels of vitamin D may prevent MS in mothers, a new study shows.

While doctors have long esteemed vitamin D as good for developing babies, a new study shows that it may be even more beneficial for moms. Elevated levels of vitamin D in the blood could prevent multiple sclerosis (MS) in mothers, according to a new study published in Neurology journal. Previous research shows that low levels… Read more »

Smokers Miss More Work, Says New Study


According to a new study, smokers miss more work than people who do not smoke. Researchers at the University of Nottingham, UK, found that smokers miss two to three more days of work every year compared to their non-smoking co-workers. According to the study, that means that smoking costs UK employers about 1.4 billion pounds,… Read more »

Home Birth May Be Safer Than Hospital Birth, Says New Review

Home Birth May Be Safer Than Hospital Birth

As the father of a young daughter born through a home birth, I think that home birth can be safer than hospital birth. A new Cochrane Library review agrees, suggesting that home birth is a realistic and safe option with fewer complications and interventions than a hospital birth. According to the new review on the… Read more »

Castrated Men Live Longer, Says New Study

Castrated Men Live Longer

A new study from researchers in the Department of Biological Sciences at the Inha University Incheon in Korea may have some men squirming in their pants. The study confirms that the results of previous animal studies are also applicable to humans: Castrated men live longer than men who remain intact. Castration is a process whereby… Read more »

Binge-Drinking College Students Have Happier Social Lives [Study]

A new study says that drinking makes college students happier

This is advice you might not want to pass along to your college-bound teenager. A new study shows that college students who engage in binge drinking tend to be happier than those in the college population who avoid peer pressure and turn down tempting libations. The study shows that binge-drinking college students have happier social… Read more »

Eat Dark Chocolate, Lower Blood Pressure [Study]

Eating dark chocolate has some health benefits

It has been known for some time that dark chocolate is the “healthy” chocolate, but a new perk from eating it has just been discovered: If you eat dark chocolate, blood pressure drops some — at least for a little while. Cocoa and dark chocolate are rich in compounds called flavanols, and a daily dose… Read more »