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Are You Sitting Too Much? If So, This Video Will Be Very Informative!

Sitting Down

Most health experts usually center being healthy on four major factors: diet, exercise, not smoking, and not drinking. However, there are certain lifestyle activities that might be better or worse for one’s individual health, despite the fact doctors don’t place much importance on them. The Inquisitr reported on one of these unique point, in which… Read more »

New Study Links Trans Fat To Memory Loss In Younger Men

Trans fat has been linked to memory loss in men under 45 years old

Just in time to make you feel guilty about splurging on all those holiday party treats, a new study has revealed that the trans fat contained in processed foods such as cookies, chips and crackers may be doing more than expanding your waistline – it is damaging your memory too. According to USA Today, a… Read more »

The SciShow Explains How Animals Re-Grow Limbs [VIDEO]


The Youtube channel SciShow recently made a video showing viewers how some animals are able to re-grow limbs. In a related report by The Inquisitr, regeneration of limbs for humans might be possible in the next decade with the help of stem cell research. Right now, the ground-breaking research has been linked to muscle regeneration…. Read more »

Raw Milk Debate Continues, CDC Illness Statistics Questioned

unpasteurized milk

Raw milk benefits and risks are once again being debated by US Food and Drug Administration – FDA. The agency’s official stance is that unpasteurized milk is an “inherently dangerous food.” Natural milk supporter Sally Fallon Morell feels the federal government’s mantra on the subject is nothing more than “garbage.” West Virginia raw milk advocates… Read more »

Researchers Verify ‘Chemo Brain’ Evidence

Those struggling with chemo brain have impaired cognitive functions.

For many cancer patients, chemotherapy is a part of treatment. For those undergoing chemotherapy, a mental haziness often plagues them during and after treatment. This condition has been dubbed “chemo brain” and has been merely a reported issue amongst cancer patients — until now. New research has identified physiological evidence of chemo brain, proving it… Read more »

Mobile Phones Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes Study Finds

Mobile Phones Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes Study Finds

Mobile phones help smokers quit? Mobile phone usage has some interesting healthy side effects if this one study is to be believed. An almost addicting substitute in fact. Over two-thirds of travelers would rather lose wedding rings than phones. This may just prove the allure of our smartphone is enough to overcome the bad habit… Read more »

Cholesterol Levels Average Falling According To Health Study

Cholesterol Levels Average Falling According To Health Study

Cholesterol levels are probably on your mind when you choose a salad instead of biting into that greasy cheeseburger. Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), or the “bad” cholesterol, is a major contributor to coronary heart disease. The good news is that the average cholesterol levels for American adults has been falling over the last 20 years, according… Read more »

Tomatoes May Decrease Stroke Risk In Men [Study]

Tomatoes-lower risk of stroke

The more tomatoes you eat, the less likely your chances of suffering a stroke, according to a study out of Finland. Tomatoes (and other fruits and vegetables) contain an antioxidant called lycopene, and researchers in this study “found that individuals with the highest blood concentrations of lycopene had a 55% lower risk of developing a… Read more »

Home Birth May Be Safer Than Hospital Birth, Says New Review

Home Birth May Be Safer Than Hospital Birth

As the father of a young daughter born through a home birth, I think that home birth can be safer than hospital birth. A new Cochrane Library review agrees, suggesting that home birth is a realistic and safe option with fewer complications and interventions than a hospital birth. According to the new review on the… Read more »

Castrated Men Live Longer, Says New Study

Castrated Men Live Longer

A new study from researchers in the Department of Biological Sciences at the Inha University Incheon in Korea may have some men squirming in their pants. The study confirms that the results of previous animal studies are also applicable to humans: Castrated men live longer than men who remain intact. Castration is a process whereby… Read more »

Your Blood Type Might Affect Your Risk For Heart Disease [Study]

Heart disease and blood type may be linked

Your risk of developing heart disease might hinge on your blood type, according to a new study. Researchers have found that people with A, B, or AB blood types might be more likely to develop heart disease than people with type O, according to MedicalNewsToday. Despite this apparent link between one’s blood type and the… Read more »