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‘Game Of Thrones’ To Introduce New Director To Series In Season 5

'Games of Thrones' gets new director for first two episodes of Season 5.

Are you experiencing Game of Thrones withdrawal? You’re not alone. According to Winter is Coming, Game of Thrones was watched by upwards of 14 million viewers last year. It’s likely that the majority of them are impatiently waiting for Season 5, especially after the intense couple of episodes that completed this past season. The deep… Read more »

‘The Leftovers’: HBO Series Won’t Focus On Answers

The Leftovers don't bring answers

HBO’s newest show isn’t about getting to the bottom of things. The Leftovers is more about how people are dealing with the program’s central mystery, more than finding out why The Leftovers are The Leftovers. Considering the showrunner for this new program is Damon Lindelof, who is best known as the man behind Lost, it… Read more »

‘True Blood’: Heads Will Roll In Series’ Final Season

the final season of True Blood

HBO series True Blood will begin its final season on Sunday night, and ahead of the premiere episode, information has been trickling out about what viewers can expect. One of the show’s producers, Brian Buckner recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly and hinted about what we can expect. Among the themes that will be front… Read more »

‘Game Of Thrones’ Officially Wins The Iron Throne At HBO

game of thrones passes the sopranos

While the ‘game of thrones’ is still going on in the Seven Kingdoms, HBO has crowned a new king. Game of Thrones has officially surpassed The Sopranos as the most watched show in HBO’s history. According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO confirmed that Game of Thrones now has a gross average of 18.4 million viewers eight… Read more »

Lisa Kudrow Series ‘The Comeback’ Is Coming Back To HBO

lisa kudrow the comback is back

The Lisa Kudrow comedy series The Comeback reportedly will be returning to HBO. HBO blundered when it canceled the hilarious yet heart-wrenching comedy series after its 13-episode run in 2005. The show — which earned three Emmy nominations — had enough content to go another season at least, and since then, it has developed a… Read more »

Netflix To Raise Prices: Here’s What You’ll Get

Netflix To Raise Prices By $1-$2 Per Month.

Netflix will be raising monthly prices by $1 or $2. And although investors are happy, should you be? The truth is that paying another couple of bucks per month for Netflix probably isn’t going to break the bank for you, but is it going to be worth it? While Netflix hasn’t detailed specifics about what… Read more »

‘True Detective’: Michael Lombardo Explains Surprise Emmy Submission

HBO Explains Why True Detective Is A Drama

Last week, HBO shocked the Emmys and everyone else, when it submitted True Detective as a drama for this year’s ceremony, rather than a miniseries. The eight-episode anthology, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, was a ratings juggernaut, and was expected to be the frontrunner in the Outstanding Miniseries or Movie category. But placing True… Read more »

True Blood: HBO Sets Final Season Premiere Date, First Teaser Hits Web

True Blood Alexander Skarsgard

True Blood, the over-the-top HBO series about vampires, werewolves, fairies and other mythical creatures, enters its seventh and final season this year, and on Thursday HBO announced the date when the season will premiere — and released the season’s first teaser onto YouTube. That’s right, now that several months of preseason hype for Game of… Read more »

True Detective Makes a Bold Move For Emmys

True Detective's McConaughey and Harrelson

HBO’s True Detective was a massive eight-episode series that dominated cable television this January and February. By its very nature, the show is meant to be a short, self-contained series, with a new story, locations, and actors each season. In every definition of the word – a miniseries. But HBO made a bold choice this… Read more »

Lena Dunham Threatens Retirement After She Fails To Bring The Funny

Lena Dunham talks about quitting

Lena Dunham was considered one of the up and coming actresses of her generation not that long ago. Now the Girls actress is taking heat after what is being described as a failed appearance on Saturday Night Live. That appearance was followed by a molestation joke that had Twitter followers up in arms. Now, while… Read more »

Game of Thrones: Kristian Nairn Confirms He’s Gay

Kristian Narin Confirms He is Gay

Game Of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn (Hodor) made headlines today when he officially confirmed that he is gay. In a recent interview, Nairn stated: “Well in all honesty, when you talk about the gay community, you are talking about MY community.” Nairn said this when he was asked about his gay fan base. ” I’m… Read more »

Grump Of Thrones: Grumpy Cat Invades Game Of Thrones [VIDEO]

grumpy cat goes game of thrones

Mashable has been busy over the last few days with epic media. This time, they collaborated with HBO to combine the show, Game of Thrones, with Grumpy Cat. From the alchemy fires of mixing it up, “Grump of Thrones” is born. Earlier this day (March 11, 2014), The Inquisitr reported Mashable‘s “80s Awareness” public service… Read more »