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Disney Anti-Feminist? Black Widow Replaced By Captain America

Disney replaces Black Widow with Captain America

A new Hasbro toy, based on Black Widow’s exploits in Avengers: Age of Ultron, doesn’t feature the red haired Avenger, but has instead been released with Captain America. The toy is based off the Avengers scene where Black Widow drops out of a jet on a motorcycle and helps Captain America save the day, but… Read more »

Is Hasbro Studios The Next Marvel Studios?


Hasbro isn’t exactly the first company that comes to mind when you think of movies. However, only a few years ago, Marvel wasn’t the first name that came to mind when you thought of movies, either. Now that’s all changing. The success of Marvel Studios over the last few years has been nothing short of… Read more »

Tetris The Board Game? Hasbro Signs Deal For Real World Versions

Tetris Real World Game

Hasbro has signed a deal with The Tetris Company which will bring the popular game Tetris to the real world. Under terms of the deal Hasbro will secure the rights to manufacturer and distribute face-to-face games based on the Tetris brand. You read that right, there will be “games” as in plural/multiple. The first two… Read more »

Easy Bake Oven For Boys Hit Store Shelves In 2013

easy bake ovens

Easy Bake Ovens for boys will be available on store shelves in 2013. The classic and still highly-popular baking toy will not just come in girly colors anymore. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a 13-year-old girl stated a petition to push Hasbro to manufacture the Easy Bake Oven in a unisex style that would… Read more »

Hasbro, Sony Team Up to Make Tonka Trucks Movie

hasbro tonka movie

Sony and Hasbro are hooking up to make a movie based on Tonka trucks, in case you were wondering if a cinematic concept could possibly get more plotless than the film Battleship. Hasbro’s Battleship appeared (even in trailers, which we all know deceptively make films seem far more interesting than they actually are) to be… Read more »