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Apple Update Patches New ‘iWorm’ Botnet

Apple Update Patches New 'iWorm' Botnetb

Apple Macintosh OS X was once thought to be the most impenetrable operating system in the world. This was in part because its Unix base made the security and foundation stronger and superior to Windows-based operating systems. However, as predicted with the market share growing through the popularity iOS and Mac OS X, interest in… Read more »

Five Million Gmail Accounts Hacked

Google at work

Nearly 5 million Gmail accounts and their accompanying passwords were reportedly stolen and leaked online, according to The International Business Times. The majority of the users were based in Russia, but some English and Spanish speaking Gmail users have had their log-in credentials stolen as well. The details are still unclear on what information was… Read more »

To Catch A Hacker: To Know One, Be One

A photo of a computer hacker

With the recent breaking news of 4chan posting leaked photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Victoria Justice, it just goes to show how easily hackers can go undetected. But the best way to catch a hacker is to learn the ways of a hacker. Hackers enjoy a life of anonymity. They… Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Top Secret Files From Investigation Stolen By Chinese Hackers

Malaysia Airlines hackers

The day after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished, computer hackers apparently based in China launched a highly sophisticated attack on 30 Malaysian government computers and stole top secret information related to the plane’s disappearance, the Malaysian newspaper Daily Star revealed on Wednesday. The complex and devious attack involved sending a bogus email to government officials… Read more »

Yo App Hacked: What Data Can Hackers Access?

What info can hacked Yo App release to strangers?

The Yo App might be the simplest app we’ve heard of to date: it’s just an app that lets you say “yo” to your friends. At that level of simplicity, it might seem that the news the app has been hacked isn’t of any particularly high concern, since it isn’t carrying photos, bank information, or… Read more »

Hackers Demand Ransom For Domino’s Customer Info


Hackers are demanding a ransom for information stolen from pizza giant Domino’s in the latest corporate data breach, which includes the personal details and passwords of over 650,000 patrons. In a post to online clipboard site, hackers using the name Rex Mundi announced that they successfully accessed servers in Belgium and France belonging to… Read more »

Feedly Repeatedly Hit By DDoS Attacks

Feedly dropped by DDoS attacks

Feedly has made itself a nice little business stepping into the hole that was left in RSS readers once Google Reader was shut down. Now Feedly is facing the consequences of being the king of the hill as it has faced numerous DDoS attacks that have taken the site down multiple times in the last… Read more »

New ‘Kill Switch’ To Become Standard In Cell Phones

Kill switch in cell phone to be the new anti-theft measure.

Cell phone theft is on the rise in many countries. In the U.S., pressures from law makers and consumers have pushed companies to acknowledge the need for countermeasures. After July 2015, all new wireless devices associated with the companies that are part of the agreement will have access to a ‘kill switch.’ Although many believe… Read more »

Op-Israel: Anonymous Strikes Israeli Sites, Israeli Hackers Hit Back


Anonymous, the hacking group that has exposed rapists, attacked corporate America and hit the Westboro Baptist Church may have met their match today. The group has a strong following among Arab hackers and today their wing launched Op-Israel. Op-Israel was an attack on Israeli governmental and private websites in the hope of disrupting the Israeli… Read more »

Are Windows XP Hackers Stealing Cash From ATMs Using Flaws In Obsolete OS?

Windows XP ATM flaws

Windows XP, Microsoft’s flaw-ridden operating system effectively becomes obsolete on April 8 when the Redmond, Washington, software giant cuts off all support for the creaky OS. That means, no more upgrades or patches to fix security holes. But cyber-crooks aren’t waiting for the April 8 Windows XP zero hour. According to the computer security company… Read more »

Lady Gaga Loses Millions Of YouTube Views

Lady Gaga loses millions of views on YouTube

Lady Gaga has lost several millions of views on YouTube after the site cleared out what were considered “fake statistics” built by bots and hackers. Some lesser known YouTube channel owners have used bots as a way to beef up their view counts, but Lady Gaga is not one of them. Lady Gaga is a… Read more »

Ashton Kutcher ‘Swatting’ Suspect Is Only 12 Years Old

Swatting Suspect

Los Angeles, CA – The suspect recently apprehended in the Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber “swatting” case is reportedly only 12 years old. Authorities said the boy spends most of his days sitting at his computer instead of hanging out with friends or attending school. According to TMZ, the pre-teen hacker currently resides with his… Read more »

Hacking Collective GhostShell Leaks 1.6 Million Company And Government Accounts

GhostShell Attack

The hacking collective known as GhostShell has released the accounts info and records for nearly 1.6 million government and industry accounts. According to the group, the documents span 37 different organizations and include raw data dumps which have been uploaded to Pastebin and Pastesite. The hacking collective chose to attack agencies all over the world… Read more »

‘Anonymous’ Attacks Shell, Exxon And BP Over Melting Polar Caps

Anonymous Attacks Oil Producers

Hacktivist group Anonymous on Monday announced that it had stolen more than 1,000 email credentials from employees at five multinational oil companies including Shell, Exxon and BP. The group then took those email credentials and dumped them online. Also targeted in the attack were Russian oil firms Gazprom and Rosneft. Anonymous claims the attack was… Read more »

Formspring Passwords Hacked, Posted Online

Formspring hacked passwords stolen

Social networking website Formspring was forced to reset the passwords of all its users on Thursday morning and send out notification emails after its network was hacked and 420,000 user passwords were posted online. The company acknowledged the security breach via its official company blog. The company says someone breached one of its development servers… Read more »

Yahoo! Voices Server Gets Hacked, 400K Passwords Stolen

Yahoo Passwords Hacked

The Yahoo! Voices service was hacked on Thursday and more than 400,000 usernames and passwords were stolen. The re-branded Associated Content server associates user passwords with a users email address not just from Yahoo but also from Gmail, AOL and others. Purchased by Yahoo in May 2010 the Associated Content platform was fully integrated with… Read more »