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Los Angeles Police Find 1,200 Guns In Dead Man’s Home


Los Angeles police were investigating a man’s death when they discovered an “arsenal” of more than 1,200 guns and approximately two tons of ammo in his home. LAPD Commander Andrew Smith deemed the number of handguns and shotguns in the home a “staggering” sight. Many of the 1,200 guns in the home were reportedly still… Read more »

Chicago Gun Lawsuit Launched To Combat Gang Violence

chicago gang violence

A Chicago suburbs gun lawsuit was launched in a frustrated effort to combat raging gang violence in the metropolitan area. Gangs from the South and West sides of the city are reportedly embroiled in ongoing vendettas. The bodies keep piling up each weekend and innocent residents are reportedly getting caught in the crossfire. Father Michael… Read more »

Obama Banning Social Security Recipients From Owning Guns?

second amendment

Is President Obama attempting to ban Social Security recipients from owning guns? Millions of Americans who receive disability benefits each month may soon no longer be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights. If the recipient has a “representative payee,” meaning that they permit another person to handle their financial affairs, the Obama Administration wants… Read more »

Even Some Open Carry Advocates Are Questioning Carrying Guns In Public

Open Carry Advocates Question Carrying Guns In Public

Even some “open carry” advocates are starting to question the wisdom of allowing people to openly carry guns after a series of publicly embarrassing mistakes. Open carry allows gun owners to carry a gun in public as long as it’s not hidden and while legal the practice has come under fire recently following mass shootings… Read more »

Colt Files For Bankruptcy


Colt filed for bankruptcy. The historic gun company Samuel Colt opened, in 1836, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sunday. Colt was placed up for sale in an “unusual auction” by its current owner. The opening bid for the company which made the “gun that won the West” was zero dollars. A Sciens Capital… Read more »

Colt – Legendary Gun Maker Files For Bankruptcy

Colt Bankruptcy

Colt Defense LLC, the legendary American gun manufacturer, announced yesterday that it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Colt, a company that is as American as Coca-Cola, Levis, McDonald’s and Chevrolet, lost its contract with the U.S. Army for the Colt M4 two years ago. This isn’t the first time that Colt has filed… Read more »

Transgender ‘Threat’ Mike Huckabee Comments Spark Backlash


Transgender “threat” comments by Mike Huckabee has sparked heated debate. The Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor suggested that an increased acceptance of transgender “rights” could lead to problems in public restrooms. Mike Huckabee transgender threat comments were uttered during a speech which was recorded and shared by BuzzFeed, that when he was a… Read more »

U.S. Capitol Cops’ Guns Left In Bathrooms, One Found By Child

U.S. Capitol Cops' Guns Left In Bathrooms, One Found By Child

In the U.S. Capitol, cops’ guns left in a bathroom stall and other locations were found by at least one child, and lawmakers are very upset how often this has been happening in 2015. In a related report by the Inquisitr, when teenage girls started brawling in a park, one man responded by whipping out… Read more »

Ted Nugent Wants To Shoot Harry Reid?

ted nugent harry reid

Ted Nugent fantasized about shooting Harry Reid, according to multiple liberal-leaning media outlets that covered the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Nashville. The rock icon called former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid a “lying p***k” and stated that he would “shoot him,” if the opportunity presented itself, according to Salon. Timothy Johnson of… Read more »

Operation Choke Point Could Be Ending, Second Amendment Activists Rejoice

second amendment

Operation Choke Point is causing a partisan split in Congress and raising bottom line concerns for a plethora of small businesses across the country. Republican Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has proposed a budget amendment aimed at cutting off funding for the controversial program. The Senate Budge Committee adopted Crapo’s proposal late last week. Operation Choke… Read more »

Gun Control Group Opens Fake Gun Store In NYC [Video]

Fake Gun Store

As part of efforts to raise public awareness about the risks and dangers of owning guns, a gun control group called States United To Prevent Gun Violence (SUPGV), decided to open a fake gun store for two days in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Washington Post reports that the group set up a fake gun… Read more »

Colorado First Grader Suspended For Pointing Finger Gun

elijah thurston

A Colorado first grader was suspended because he pointed his finger in a manner which exhibited a “gun shape” and said, “You’re dead” to a Stratton Meadows Elementary School classmate. The child’s father, Austin Thurston, felt a school suspension over the Monday incident involving Elijah Thurston was excessive. Elijah Thurston, 6, was suspended from Stratton… Read more »

Gunman Dead, 3 Wounded in Florida State University Shooting [UPDATED]

Gunman opens fire at  a Florida State University campus library full of students.

[UPDATE: Gunman has been identified as an FSU alumnus and local attorney, name not yet released.] The gunman in a Florida State University school shooting was been killed by Tallahassee police and at least three students were wounded in a late night scene of violence and chaos. Just after midnight, a gunman opened fire at… Read more »

Ferguson Gun Sales Skyrocket As Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision Nears

michael brown shooting

Ferguson gun sales have skyrocketed in recent days in anticipation that Darren Wilson grand jury decision. Concerns that Michael Brown shooting protesters will once again embark upon rioting and looting if the police officer is not indicted. A gun store owner in Bridgeton said rumors that the Darren Wilson grand jury decision would be released… Read more »