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Open Carry Ban Overturned In Missouri

gun control

Missouri just passed an open carry law banning any city or other municipal entity in the state from ever approving a statute which would ban such an expression of Second Amendment rights. Amendment 5 ensured that all Missouri gun laws as “unalienable.” The law was inspired, at least in part, by the city of Webster… Read more »

Judge Rules AR-15s Not Protected By The Second Amendment

second amendment

A district judge ruled that AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles are not protected by the Second Amendment. The strict gun laws, which went into effect in Maryland last year, were being legally questioned in U.S. District Court. Judge Catherine C. Blake released a 47-page ruling detailing her decision on the gun rights case yesterday afternoon…. Read more »

Supreme Court Gun Ruling Puts An Ax To ‘Straw’ Purchases

Supreme Court Gun Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Monday, June 16, to tighten restrictions on “straw” gun purchases wherein one party buys a gun on behalf of someone else, reports USA Today. This gun ruling upholds the decision made by two lower courts that too voted against “straw” purchases. The Supreme Court case behind the ruling, Abramski… Read more »

Gun Control Laws Are Stupid! This Is Better.

gun control

Today I woke up and, like most people I know went straight to Facebook to see how everyone I know was doing. While I was yawning and skimming over the content, I saw a picture that I read, then verified via other online sources to be an undoctored and legitimate piece. Before I go on,… Read more »

Second Amendment: Arizona Approves Four Pro-Gun Laws

second amendment

Arizona lawmakers just gave approval for four “major” pro-guns laws in the state senate. The state house of representatives approved Second Amendment related bills which allow concealed carry permit holders to take their firearms into government buildings which do not have security measures. HB 22339, the gun bill which would allow concealed carry permit holders… Read more »

Florida Senate Approves “Warning Shot” Bill

Florida Senate floor

The Florida Senate approved a bill last Thursday, dubbed the “Warning Shot Bill”, that would allow gun owners to fire warning shots at a person, or persons, if they felt threatened. The bill passed with a 32-7 vote and now goes to to desk of Florida Governor Rick Scott to be signed into law. Partly… Read more »

California Gun Control Laws Spark Controversy

California long gun registration

A controversial gun control bill may have been vetoed by California Governor Jerry Brown, but a statewide long gun registration law will take effect tomorrow, and the City of San Francisco approved its own high-capacity magazine ban. City officials recently approved a similar version of the statewide ban on the local level, and the National… Read more »

Nikki Goeser: ‘How Gun Control Killed My Husband’

Nikki Goeser Tells How Gun Control Killed Her Husband

Nikki Goeser had a life most people only dream about. She was married to a great guy named Ben, and they were deeply and genuinely in love. Attractive, intelligent, and determined, Nikki graduated from university with a degree in psychology, she worked at a local college by day, and, at night, Nikki and Ben ran… Read more »

Illinois Concealed Carry Gets The Okay In Another County

Concealed Carry In Illinois Okayed

Concealed carry in Illinois has received the okay from a second county as a second prosecutor has decided to allow the county’s residents to carry concealed weapons. The news comes as the state’s governor weighs whether or not to allow it statewide. A federal court tossed out the state’s ban on concealed carry in December…. Read more »

From Valentine’s Day To Zombies, Vegas Embraces In-Your-Face Gun Promotion

Las Vegas Valentine's Day

Las Vegas, NV – Gun ranges in Las Vegas are sponsoring several love-themed promotions this Valentine’s Day. One range advertises a “take a shot at love” package. The campaign includes shooting 50 submachine gun rounds. Another invites lovers to shoot out paper zombie cutouts while renewing nuptials. There are wedding options that even provide posing… Read more »

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi Defends Video Games

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi defends video games

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is doing something most politicians don’t. She’s defending video games. Nancy Pelosi believes that better gun laws will prevent violence, not censorship of mainstream media. In an era when politicians are using video games as scapegoats for real-world violence, it’s quite refreshing to see one actually defend them. On Fox News Sunday,… Read more »

President Obama Attacks GOP Over Gun Control Debate

President Obama and Gun Control

President Obama believes House Republicans are not willing to budge on their gun control stance despite calls from a majority of Americans who are demanding changes to gun laws in the US. In a February interview with The New Republic, President Obama proclaims: “The House Republican majority is made up mostly of members who are… Read more »

52% Of Americans Believe We Need More Gun Control, Study Finds

No Guns Poll

The Newtown, Connecticut shootings have rocked America to its core, and, following the massacre of 20 innocent children and six adults, a growing number of people believe gun control should be a priority of government officials. A new poll released by CNN/ORC International finds that 52 percent of Americans believe major restrictions on owning guns… Read more »

12 States Inch Closer To Carry Conceal Gun Laws With No Permit Required

Conceal Gun Carry

The requirement to obtain permits in order to conceal a personal handgun may soon come to an end in 12 states where lawmakers are currently debating the permit requirement. Supporters of the measure argue that crime rates are already low in Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming, states where a carry and conceal permit is not… Read more »