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Texas Fisherman Catches 809-Pound Tiger Shark In Gulf

Springs fought the animal for over five hours before he realized its was a tiger shark

A San Antonio angler brought in the catch of a lifetime when he landed a massive tiger shark, weighing 809 pounds, just 5 miles from Port Aransas in the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday night. KSAT 12 reports that Ryan Springs, who calls the North Side of San Antonio home, hooked the shark just after… Read more »

Can The US Eliminate Invasive Species By Eating Them?

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Currently across America, lakes, rivers and offshore waters are teeming with invasive species; aggressive fish and crustaceans originally from other parts of the world that eat and multiply so fast that they are starving out the indigenous fauna. Many of these invasive species are potential sources of food, raising the question – Why not control… Read more »

Russian Spy Ship Spotted Along US East Coast

russian ships

A Russian spy ship was spotted along the United States East Coast near the Gulf of Mexico, according to a new Pentagon statement. Two Russian ships, one believed to be operating as a spy ship and the other a tug, were reportedly along the coast for the past month. Pentagon representative Lt. Col. Tom Crosson… Read more »

BP (Not Coast Guard): Gulf Cleanup Finally Complete

BP: Spill Cleanup Done

BP says it’s so, now round up the party favors: The cleanup efforts to wipe away all memory of the 2010 oil spill that lasted 85 days and sullied some 778 miles of Gulf of Mexico shore when the company’s Deepwater Horizon rig exploded is, after exhausting $14 billion and 70 million man-hours, officially over…. Read more »

Hurricane Manuel Continues Deadly Path In Mexico

Hurricane Manuel Hammers Mexican Coast

Hurricane Manuel continues its destruction in Mexico. The storm system, which had been classed as a tropical storm while it ravaged the Pacific Coast earlier this week, regained hurricane strength Wednesday in the warm waters of the gulf of California Wednesday and is traveling northwesterly toward Sinaloa. Manuel has already caused flooding and landslides, with… Read more »

Tropical Storm Threatens Gulf Of Mexico Oil And Gas Production

Gulf of Mexico Gas Producers shutting down for Tropical storm Debby

Saturday led to several oil and gas producers in the Gulf of Mexico shutting down and evacuating employees as Tropical Storm Debby was named the first storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. BP Plc announced on Saturday that it had given the orders to shut down seven platforms in the Gulf as weather conditions… Read more »