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Google Maps Becomes Giant Pac-Man Game And The Internet Cheers

Google Maps turn into Pac-Man game

Google loves Pac-Man, and it loves screwing with us on April Fool’s Day. So it has combined the two and turned the world into a sprawling vintage arcade game. This fun treat is logically – and wonderfully – called “PAC-Maps” and allows time-wasters to munch dots and chase ghosts down the world’s streets. Google calls… Read more »

UFO Discovered On Google Earth With ‘Alien Head’ Sticking Out

UFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map

An anonymous source in Newfoundland said he spotted a UFO in Trout Creek, Montana, on Google Earth. This information was provided to Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, who, after investigating, noticed an alien head sticking out of the top of the object. Posting an analysis of the photo on his YouTube channel, Waring noted,… Read more »

Google Maps Overrun By Cats? Hacker Leaves Easter Egg

Google Maps cat baffles, gets taken down

Google Maps is becoming notorious for its real life Easter eggs, but a recent discovery has even Google baffled. Apparently a hacker has gone in and left a cat in the online mapping service. When Google discovered the hack, New Zealand head of communications Annie Baxter admitted she didn’t know how it got there. “We… Read more »

April Fool’s Day: Google Maps Is Taken Over By Pokemon [VIDEO]

Pokemon Master

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! Here at The Inquisitr, we hope to be your #1 source for all the trending jokes happening today! However, April Fool’s Day jokes actually started yesterday, and Google Maps was the first to hit us! According to the Huffington Post, Google released a video in which they are looking for… Read more »

Google Street View Adds Access To Over 100 Indian Monuments

Google Street View Maps

Google Street View has partnered with the Indian Ministry of Culture and the Archeological Survey of India to show more 360-degree panoramic views for more than 100 monuments from all over India. The Google Street View for each monument includes full access to sites that many viewers may never have time to see during their… Read more »

Google Street View Car Crashes Three Times In One Day

Google Street View Car Crashes in Indonesia

A Google Street View car used for creating Google Maps data is responsible for causing three separate traffic accidents in Indonesia on the same day. The vehicle was driving through Bogor on Thursday when its driver caused accident after accident, causing massive traffic headaches near the nation’s capital. According to new agency AFP the first… Read more »

Google Maps Dog Gets A Second Chance

Google Maps Dog Rescued After Being Abandoned

Google Maps dog Sonya has been given a second chance at family life after Internet user Jennifer Velasquez spotted the abandoned canine while using Street View. Velasquez contacted Los Angeles-based Hope for Paws right away, and let them know she had seen the dog near a vacant building. Responding to the call, Eldad Hagar found… Read more »

Google Street View Lets You Stand On World’s Tallest Building

Google Street View lets you stand on top of the world's tallest building

Google Street View lets you stand on top of the world’s tallest building. Google Maps has given us the ability to see things we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to, like landmarks in London while you live in Southern California, for instance. As time goes by, we continue to find little Easter Eggs using the navigation… Read more »

Google Treasure Maps Debut Just In Time For April Fool’s Day

Google Maps Treasure Maps

Google joined other publications on Sunday in launching its April Fool’s day prank a full day early. The company on Sunday announced Google Treasure Maps, its next take on the Google Maps platform. The pirate-style treasure maps were created alongside 2D hand-drawn landmarks and hidden treasure chests. The Google Treasure map platform uses a spyglass… Read more »

Google Maps Adds Ski Trails Support For 100 New Ski Resort Locations

Google Maps for Ski Restort TrailsGoogle Maps for Ski Restort Trails

The team at Google Maps has expanded its ski runs for 100 additional ski resorts throughout North America. The search giant on Monday announced that the new trail maps were added for 100 new resort locations throughout the United States and Canada. Among some of the major resorts to receive the new trails support are… Read more »

Google Maps Street View Takes To The Mountains

Google Street Views Maps

In its never ending attempt to map out the world in photos, the team at Google Maps Street View have begun taking to the mountains. So far the world’s largest search engine has taken to the Aconcagua mountains in South America, Mount Elbrus in Europe, Kilimanjaro in Africa, and Asia’s Everest Base Camp. Those particular… Read more »

Woman Catches Cheating Boyfriend On Internet Map

Woman Catches Cheating Boyfriend

A Russian woman dumped her cheating boyfriend after she discovered him walking around affectionately with his ex-girlfriend on Yandex Maps — a map site very similar to Google Maps but powered by a Russian search engine. Unlike Google Maps, Yandex doesn’t blur away faces of pedestrians in its Street View mode. Marina Voinova was searching… Read more »

Google Maps Now Features Streets In North Korea Thanks To User Input

Google Map Maker - North Korea

Google Maps now features various streets throughout North Korea thanks to residents and travelers who have added information via the Google Map Maker program. In previous versions of Google Maps, users were only presented with the secretive country’s coastline, rivers, and the location of Pyongyang. After years of work on behalf of North Korean residents,… Read more »

Australian Police Issue Warning Against Apple Maps


Australian police issued a warning today against using Apple Maps after responding to numerous stranded motorists in the Murray-Sunset National Park. A flaw in the application sent tourists 45 miles away from their intended destination of Mildura, Australia and into the dangerous outback. Temperatures in the region can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and some of… Read more »