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Germany Extends Free College Education To All Students In The U.S.

Germany is extending its tuition-free college education to students from the U.S.

Germany has just recently cancelled all forms of tuition fees within the country’s higher education system, basically providing all German students free college education. Today, good news comes from the European nation as Germany announces that it is extending its tuition-free college education to all students from the U.S. and around the world. While the… Read more »

This Crazy German Water Park Will Blow Your Mind [Video]


For the water park and theme park enthusiast out there, we may have found just the place to blow your mind. The place is a crazy German water park (the phrase is according to the man who uploaded the video above) called Tropical Islands Resort. According to the video, the resort is about 45 minutes… Read more »

Low-Tech ‘OPSEC': Germany And Russia Buying Typewriters To Avoid NSA Spying

germany typewriters

Germany and Russia are frantically seeking old-fashioned typewriters to embark on a low-tech OPSEC approach to communications to avoid NSA spying. Portions of the German government are going retro to avoid high-tech snooping by the United States government. The head of the German parliament’s NSA investigative committee stated during a news show segment earlier this… Read more »

Brazil Vs. Germany: History Is With The 2014 World Cup Host

brazil vs germany in 2014 wc semi final

Surprisingly in the Brazil vs. Germany rivalry, the host of the 2014 World Cup has the lead in head-to-head. Germany is always a powerful, dangerous team, and as such, a favorite in any tournament, but especially in the daddy of them all. On paper, Germany is stronger than Brazil this time around and more so… Read more »

Germany Demands Answers From U.S. Amid New Spy Scandal

Germany Spy Scandal

German government officials are demanding answers amid new allegations of spying by the United States that came to light Friday, when a German intelligence officer was arrested on charges of selling secrets. The man, a 31-year-old employee of the BND intelligence agency, apparently “has admitted passing to an American contact details about a special German… Read more »

German Parliament Says Goodbye To Verizon In Wake Of Spying, Cuts All Ties

Germany Will No Longer Use Verizon

Due to a scandal over U.S. government spying that reached worldwide media coverage, Germany’s lower house of parliament has joined the government in cutting all ties with Verizon Communications Inc. According to Reuters, the Bundestag lower house of parliament plans to end its contract with Verizon “as soon as possible,” a government spokesperson told reporters… Read more »

Romeike Family Says Germany Is Prejudiced Against Christians

Germany homeschooling

The Romeike family feel that Germany is prejudiced against Christians. The homeschooling family made international headlines after Eric Holder’s Justice Department overruled lower courts and ordered Uwe, Hannelore, and their children to be sent back to their native land. The devout Christian family recently sat down with Morning Star News to share their story and… Read more »

Romeike Family Given Packing Orders By US Supreme Court

German Christians

The Romeike family will likely soon be deported due to an unwillingness by the US Supreme Court to intervene in a lower court’s ruling. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Uwe and Hannelore, both evangelical Christians, wanted to homeschool their children and fled to America where such a form of education is legal. All went… Read more »