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Dustin Brown Upsets Rafael Nadal In The Second Round of Wimbledon

Dustin Brown Upsets Rafael Nadal In The Second Round of Wimbledon

Two-time Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal was ousted from the tournament early for the fourth straight year, as he was outplayed by German qualifier Dustin Brown. Dustin Brown's upset of Rafa Nadal in two photos. #Wimbledon — Sam Laird (@samcmlaird) July 2, 2015 Dustin Brown, ranked 102 in the world, won 7-5, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4… Read more »

2015 Women’s World Cup: 3 Things To Watch For In USA vs. Germany

USA Germany FIFA Women's World Cup Semifinal live online

The most intriguing matchups of the 2015 Women’s World Cup have finally arrived. The United States are minor underdogs against Germany on Tuesday, as they face off in Montreal at Olympic Stadium. The United States will need to play their best game of the tournament, if they want to advance to the Women’s World Cup… Read more »

Green Hawaii: 100 Percent Renewable Energy To Power Island State By 2045

Green Hawaii: 100 Percent Renewable Energy To Power Island State By 2045

With “going green” being the most popular trend in environmental activism these days, it’s no wonder that nations around the world are doing their best to adapt to the growing concerns of their people and are attempting to find new and improved renewable energy sources to power the world. Hawaii has stepped their renewable energy… Read more »

Pregnancy Over Age 50: 65-Year-Old Berlin Mother Of 13 Pregnant With Quadruplets

Annegret Raunigk pregnant with quadruplets at 65

Sixty-five-year-old Berlin grandmother Annegret Raunigk is about to become the world’s oldest mother, as she’s set to give birth to quadruplets this summer. Raunigk, who currently has 13 children, chose to become pregnant by IVF after her 9-year-old daughter asked for a little brother or sister. The expectant schoolteacher was artificially inseminated by both donated… Read more »

Two-Person Cockpit Rule Could Prevent Another Crash Like Germanwings

Two-person cockpit rule could prevent another Germanwings

When Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed a plane carrying 150 people into a French mountain range, he was alone in the cockpit. Now, airlines all over the world are quickly adopting a two-person cockpit rule – a regulation U.S. airlines already practice – to keep it from happening again. The list of international airlines intending… Read more »

250-Year-Old Pretzel Unearthed In Bavaria Among Old Croissants And Rolls

250-year-old German pretzel found

One baker’s disappointment is now an archaeological discovery. The world’s oldest pretzel, clocking in at a youthful 250-years-old, has been found in Germany, and it may also be one of Europe’s oldest baked goods. The pretzel wasn’t the only find; archaeologists unearthed a bunch of antique pastries, including croissants, rolls, and other pretzel pieces, NBC… Read more »

Thousands Of German Protesters To U.S. GMO Ag: ‘We’re Fed Up!’

Tens of thousands of protesters march against GMO's in Berlin.

A massive march occurred in Germany protesting GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and other harmful farming practices from the United States yesterday. The massive march in Berlin saw over 50,000 protesters and included participation from over 120 different organizations including farmers, ethical consumers, and activists who want to send a message loud and clear that they… Read more »