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Romeike Family Given Packing Orders By US Supreme Court


The Romeike family will likely soon be deported due to an unwillingness by the US Supreme Court to intervene in a lower court’s ruling. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Uwe and Hannelore, both evangelical Christians, wanted to homeschool their children and fled to America where such a form of education is legal. All went… Read more »

Cow Farts Cause German Dairy Barn Explosion – Fire In The Hole!

Explosive Methane From Cow Farts Damages German Barn

Of all the stories in need of multimedia support, “exploding cow farts” has got to be near the top. Move over, deer farts. Cow farts are moving up in the world and there’s only room for the flatulence of one 4-legged species ’round these parts (plus the deer is totally fake). After all, you never… Read more »

Neo-Nazi Model Airplane Bomb Seized In Germany

Neo-Nazi model airplane bomb seized in Germany

A neo-Nazi model airplane bomb was seized in Germany. German police have seized several model airplanes, one of which was revealed to be a fully functional bomb. The seizure happened at a neo-Nazi meeting place in Southwestern Germany where the plan was apparently to use the model airplanes with bombs in them against left-wing activists,… Read more »

Germany Opens Up US Tour With Win Over Ecuador

Germany Brushes Aside Ecuador

Germany opened up its mini-tour of the United States with a 4-2 win over Ecuador in an international friendly in Boca Raton, Florida. Joachim Low’s men flexed their muscles in the early going scoring four straight goals and never looked back en route to a comfortable victory. Lukas Podolski and Lars Bender led the way… Read more »

Unlucky Thieves Steal Van With Adult Male Lion In The Back


This is truly a tale for a late night comedian. Recently, aspiring car thieves decided to grab a convenient Mercedes van in the German city of Wuppertal, thinking they made a great score by grabbing a valuable vehicle. The bungling burglars jumped into their new ride and drove off, not realizing they had just stolen… Read more »

Gummy Bear Battle: German Company Wins Trademark Violation Lawsuit

Lindt Teddy

Berlin, Germany – A gummy bear manufacturer has won a legal battle over what it felt was a trademark violation by a Swiss candy company, according to The Associated Press. Haribo GmbH previously claimed that Lindt’s gold foil-wrapped chocolate teddy bear was a violation of its “Gold Bear” gummy bear. Although the offending product was… Read more »

Mummified Bat Found In German Man’s Box Of Cereal

Mummified Bat found in cereal

Imagine sitting down to breakfast, pouring out a bowl of your favorite cereal with milk, and then noticing something isn’t quite right. A German man had just such an experience recently, finding a mummified bat in his cereal bowl at his home in Stuttgart. Metro reports that it isn’t yet known if the bat made… Read more »

German Insurance Company Funded Trip To Swingers Hotel, Sex Parties

Ergo Insurance and Sex Trips

What has your employer done to make you feel good lately? Probably not as much as German insurance giant Ergo. The large-scale insurance provider recently spent company funds to send a group of its workers to a swingers’ hotel in Jamaica. The trip was not exactly hidden after officials published those expenses via an internal… Read more »

Drug Smuggling Granny Busted For Transporting Dutch Marijuana

Drug Running Granny

A 76-year-old drug-smuggling German granny has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years for her crimes, according to The Voice of Russia. Since beginning the illegal operation in 2006, the woman has allegedly moved over a ton of Dutch marijuana from the Netherlands to Germany. For each run, the grandmother reportedly netted approximately 700 euros. The woman’s… Read more »

German Kermit Cons Woman Out Of Electric Bike

German Kermit Hustles Bike

The next time someone openly admits to providing the voice of a Muppet, your best bet is narrow your eyes in disbelief and take their boasts with a grain of salt. Otherwise, you might find yourself being hoodwinked by Kermit the Frog. According to The Local, a website which provides German news in English, a… Read more »