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Gene Rosen, Sandy Hook Hero, Uplifted By Facebook Page [Update, Interview]

gene rosen is a hero and we support him

Earlier, The Inquisitr covered the Sandy Hook “truther” movement, as well as a troubling development — Gene Rosen, the kindly Newtown resident who sheltered six children after the massacre, and subsequent harassment he had received by those who believe Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. Vis a vis an article in Salon, we learned of the treatment… Read more »

Newtown Truthers Harassing And Threatening Sandy Hook Hero Gene Rosen

newtown truthers gene rosen

Newtown truthers (conspiracy theorists who posit the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax perpetrated by a shadowy government cabal for unknown reasons) have been bleating their tales of intrigue across the web, alleging a team of “crisis actors” including Gene Rosen are responsible in part for the alleged “coverup” in the massacre. Almost immediately after… Read more »