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Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm Exercises A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

Will America Invade Texas? Jade Helm A Front To Enforce Gay Marriage

The American military plans to stage training exercises across several southwestern states during July, but those could be a front for an invasion by federal troops to enforce gay marriage and confiscate firearms. The U.S. military will conduct anti-terrorism war games across Texas, California, Arizona, Mexico, Utah, and Colorado from July to September to train… Read more »

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas: Gay Marriage In Denton County No Longer Denied To Lesbian Couple

Texas’ gay marriage battle is just warming up due to the announcement by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, but although a Denton County marriage was denied this past Friday, already the county clerk has switched directions, despite assurances of legal protection by the Texas AG. In related report by the Inquisitr, when County Clerk Juli… Read more »

Texas AG Says Clerks Can Defy ‘Lawless’ Gay Marriage Ruling

gay marriage

Texas AG Ken Paxton said county clerks can refuse to issue gay marriage licenses on religious freedom grounds. The highly controversial same-sex marriage ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court sent states scrambling to deal with an onslaught of homosexual couples seeking to tie the knot over the weekend. Ken Paxton, the Republican Texas Attorney General,… Read more »

Gay Marriage: Couple Together For 50 Years First To Wed In Dallas, As Landmarks Across The Nation Don Rainbow Flag To Celebrate SCOTUS Ruling [Gallery]

George And Jack

On Friday, in a history-making five-to-four decision, the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was legal nationwide. Celebrating the ruling by receiving their marriage license — and officially becoming the first gay couple to marry in Dallas, Texas — were Jack Evans, 85, and George Harris, 82. The couple, who met at a house party… Read more »

Bobby Jindal’s Presidential Announcement Video Is New Source Of Ridicule

Bobby Jindal

While Bobby Jindal’s announcement that he was getting into an already crowded GOP presidential field was met by celebration in some sectors, there are also plenty of people who think Bobby Jindal entered the race in the worst way possible. In particular, Bobby Jindal’s announcement video seemed to show that the Louisiana Governor’s own family… Read more »

San Francisco Nudists March To Celebrate Gay Marriage Victory

SF Nudists To March In Celebration of Gay Marriage Victory

San Francisco nudists will march in the Gay Pride Parade this Sunday as the city celebrates the recent Supreme Court decision upholding marriage equality for all. San Francisco’s nudists, dubbed body freedom activists, will march in full frontal nudity to celebrate not only the recent gay marriage victory, but also their own recent court victory… Read more »

This Couple Will Get A Divorce If Same-Sex Marriage Is Legalized

couple will divorce if same-sex marriage is legalized Nick Jensen Sarah Jensen

A couple from Australia is not happy about same-sex marriage and really don’t want anything to do with it. Actually, the couple, who has been happily married for 10 years, is planning on getting divorced if marriage equality becomes legal in Australia. The Christian couple of Nick Jensen and his wife, Sarah, feel that strongly… Read more »