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Bethany Churcher: 440-Pound Woman Loses Half Of Her Weight, Becomes A Model

Bethany Churcher

21-year-old Bethany Churcher currently works as a waitress and model in Beaulieu of Hampshire, England. Nearly three years ago, however, the same woman reportedly weighed over 440 pounds. Doctors told her that she would die in six months unless she did something about it. Daily Mail reports that Churcher suffered from compulsive eating disorder. Teen… Read more »

Gastric Bypass Patients Keep Weight Off For The Most Part, Study Says

gastric bypass effectiveness

Gastric bypass surgery is often considered drastic and even overused, but when it comes to results, researchers say it is very effective at reducing the stubborn problem of obesity. Maintaining weight loss over time is often a problem for patients struggling with obesity, and backsliding is more often than not an issue that overweight patients… Read more »

Bariatric Surgery Cuts Death Risk, Study Finds

gastric bypass effectiveness

A new study has concluded that Bariatric surgery (better known as weight-loss surgery) does more than trim down one’s waistline — it can ward off killer heart attacks and strokes. The study, published in the January 4 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), included about 4,000 middle-aged obese people recruited between… Read more »