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Jason Momoa’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audition Tape Going Viral

Jason Momoa Audition

Watch and see how a little-known actor was able to score a prized role on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Jason Momoa was able to earn his role as Khal Drogo, a Dothraki lord, by performing a traditional dance that comes from New Zealand’s Maori people. Time Magazine notes that the dance performed… Read more »

Racy ‘Game of Thrones’ Nude Scene Almost Nixed From Season 5

Game Of Thrones Racy Sexy Nude Scene

Fans of the always titillating fantasy epic Game of Thrones can breathe a sigh of relief. [Warning: Potential Spoilers Ahead] Fox News is reporting that a pivotal nude scene from the upcoming Season 5 was almost abolished due to regulations in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the city in which they were filming. “The local film commission,” the… Read more »

Game of Thrones Spoilers Keep Coming In!


Another week closer to season 5 of Game of Thrones, another spoiler from filming. This week’s Game of Thrones spoiler comes from Croatia, better know to Westerosi enthusiasts as the slave city of Meereen. Sources spoke with the Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall about scenes being filmed revolving around Daenerys Targaryen,… Read more »

You Won’t Hodor Believe Who’s Not In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5

Game of Thrones - Season 4 - Hodor

The fifth season of Game of Thrones upped the ante following an eventful season four that saw some characters die, some with dramatically new circumstances, and some book characters never appear. These changes will continue in Season Five, but Hodor actor Kristian Nairn knows two characters who won’t make an appearance at all and it… Read more »

Game Of Thrones Scam Has Fans Seeing Red


Game of Thrones fans are hard hitting and passionately intrigued by the television show, the books, the lore, and George R.R. Martin. With that said, it was no surprise that news of Season five filming in the Spanish City of Seville drew more than 10,000 citizens to apply as extras on the show. Unfortunately, for… Read more »

Comic-Con 2014 Is Here!! Your Complete Guide To SDCC 2014!

Comic Con 2014

The 45th Annual San Diego Comic-Con has come once again, and it’s bigger than ever. Hundreds of thousands of fans of comics, movies, television and video games are flocking to Comic-Con for what has become the be all end all center of the nerd universe. This year at Comic-Con, an estimated 125,000 fans will flood… Read more »

Emmy Awards 2014: Who And What Was Nominated This Year?

Emmy Awards 2014: who and what was nominated this year?

The Emmy Awards 2014 are almost upon us, a time to celebrate the great accomplishments of our favorite TV shows and stars. Many are nominated, but only a handful will win. Will Breaking Bad take home a multiple win, or will it be outshined by Game of Thrones? Will Orange is the New Black beat… Read more »