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Watch Keyshia Cole’s Emotional New Video ‘Love Letter’

Keyshia Cole in 'Love Letter.'

Shortly after Keyshia Cole was arrested for assaulting the woman who slept with her boyfriend, the singer has bounced back with a brand new single. Keyshia’s song “Love Letter” tells an emotional story not far off from the turmoil she likely encountered leading up to her arrest, involving plenty of bad boyfriends and broken relationships…. Read more »

Next Generation Consoles: The Future Looks Grim

Next generation consoles don't have a bright future

The next generation of consoles isn’t looking so good. Letdowns are already surfacing about every next generation console we are currently aware of. Some aren’t graphically as impressive as we thought they should be, some won’t allow technical bonuses that we enjoyed from the current generation, and some have already faced bad reviews before they… Read more »