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taylor swift adele

That is what would happen if the above situation occurred. And everyone ...

Walmart Pickup Burn

walmart in-store pickup burn

Just remember this the next time a clerk refuses to help you find something ...


end of a cell phone call

That awkward moment when you have to make sure you really ended the call.

Stealing Wifi?

stealing wifi

Actually, it’s what we internet people refer to as a “signal ...


boatercycles jet-ski

It has suddenly become clear that the makers of Jet-Skis missed what is ...

No Fair, Obama!

morgan freeman cheat code

It’s as if it already skipped to the end of the movie and Morgan ...


honest boss

A redditor posted this with the tagline: “honest boss.”

Sneaking In

a wizard is never late

True fact: parents are in their most unappreciative of humor mood ever.

A Sandwich

make him a sandwich

Stop talking about them and start making them.