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Johnny Depp Lists Entire Luxury French Village For Sale At $26 Million

Johnny Depp Lists Entire Luxury French Village For Sale At $26 Million

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has officially listed a 37-acre village in Plan de le Tour, France, for sale at almost $26 million. Depp’s estate lies around 17 miles away from destination hot spot Saint Tropez and includes natural stone-built houses, several of which date back to the 1800s. While the sale of… Read more »

France Mail Delay: Letter Took 138 Years To Arrive At Destination

Mail delay

A letter posted 10 kilometers (6 miles) away from its recipient in Trélon, France took 138 years to arrive at its destination due to an unusually long mail delay. If you think you have mail problems, think again. The letter in question was posted on January 27, 1877 in Sains-du-Nord and only finally arrived a… Read more »

Elderly Woman Booted Out Of Her Home By Her Own Son

Booted out of her home

This week saw an elderly woman booted out of her home by her own son because she couldn’t afford to buy the house. The 86-year-old woman has hit the headlines in France after her landlord told her to pack up her things and go after she was booted out of her home when he decided… Read more »

Two-Person Cockpit Rule Could Prevent Another Crash Like Germanwings

Two-person cockpit rule could prevent another Germanwings

When Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed a plane carrying 150 people into a French mountain range, he was alone in the cockpit. Now, airlines all over the world are quickly adopting a two-person cockpit rule – a regulation U.S. airlines already practice – to keep it from happening again. The list of international airlines intending… Read more »

Drones Spotted Flying Over France Sparks Terror Alert

drones in paris

Drones flying over France prompted a new terror alert for the nation. At least five drones were spotted flying over French landmarks, including the U.S. Embassy. The drones were noticed fairly quickly when flying over top tourists spots in France. The unmanned aircraft were spotted in “at least” five different locations in the capital between… Read more »