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Two-Person Cockpit Rule Could Prevent Another Crash Like Germanwings

Two-person cockpit rule could prevent another Germanwings

When Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crashed a plane carrying 150 people into a French mountain range, he was alone in the cockpit. Now, airlines all over the world are quickly adopting a two-person cockpit rule – a regulation U.S. airlines already practice – to keep it from happening again. The list of international airlines intending… Read more »

Drones Spotted Flying Over France Sparks Terror Alert

drones in paris

Drones flying over France prompted a new terror alert for the nation. At least five drones were spotted flying over French landmarks, including the U.S. Embassy. The drones were noticed fairly quickly when flying over top tourists spots in France. The unmanned aircraft were spotted in “at least” five different locations in the capital between… Read more »

France Uses Media To Sell The ‘Cure’ For Antisemitism, Raising Awareness


Over the past couple of years, antisemitism – or hostility and prejudice towards Jews – has increased substantially. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on issues in which antisemitism was the driving reason behind it. Just recently, a billboard was erected up in Nazareth, Israel calling all Muslims to kill Jews, especially those in the Israeli… Read more »

Photographer Envisions Iconic Superheroes Contemplating Nature

Lapray's work was inspired by the French Alps.

Photographer Benoit Lapray has released a series of images in which he envisions classic superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Iron Man, taking a moment away from saving the world to contemplate nature in the French countryside. According to the Daily Mail, the 33-year-old photographer utilizes professional models dressed as famous superheroes to create his work…. Read more »

Playful Seal Commandeers Surfer’s Board

Every time Bertrand paddled out into the waves, the seal would appear.

A group of surfers in France were surprised recently when an attention seeking seal joined in with them, commandeering one of their boards and climbing all over them. According to the Daily Mail, a camera mounted on one of the boards caught the interaction, which took place in Lacanau, France. Bertrand Chaussade and his friends… Read more »