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Human Attention Span Now Lags Behind The ‘Forgetful’ Goldfish, Indicates Microsoft Study – Blame Modern Technology, It Says

Human Attention Span Now Lags Behind The ‘Forgetful’ Goldfish

Humans now lag behind even the “forgetful” goldfish when it comes to concentrating on tasks and paying attention, indicates a study conducted recently by Microsoft. While attempting to ascertain how modern technology has impacted the attention span of people who use it regularly, Microsoft came across a startling discovery. As is the general consensus, modern… Read more »

Will Smith Says His ‘Most Painful Failure’ Was A Sci-Fi Flop

Will Smith

To say that Will Smith has had a successful movie career so far would be a major understatement. The 46-year-old Oscar-nominated actor started out in 1990 as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air without any prior experience as an actor. However, nearly two decades have passed since the series finale of that popular show, and Will… Read more »