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Universal Flu Vaccine Could Be Only A Few Years Away

Universal Flu Vaccines Are Right Around The Corner

Could a universal flu vaccine be created to cover all strains of the virus? British scientists believe such a thing could now be possible. Researchers say that people who were able to beat the 2009 flu pandemic without becoming sick is the key. How far off is something like this? Scientists are hopeful that a… Read more »

New Flu Vaccine Will Include Four Strains

Flu Vaccine Four Strains

A new flu vaccine will protect against four strains of the virus. For the first time, this season’s vaccine will cover two A strains and two B strains of influenza. Traditional vaccines only include three strains of the flu. The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a recommendation that all children over the age of six… Read more »

Universal Flu Vaccine Coming Within 10 Years?

a universal flu vaccine could be on its way in a decade

The race is on for a universal flu vaccine — a single vaccine that could provide broad protection against a wide variety of influenza A flu strains. The ideal universal vaccine would also provide protection for several years instead of requiring a new shot every flu season. And, of course, it would be helpful if… Read more »

Pregnant Women Must Take Flu Vaccine, Even If Peak Has Passed

Pregnant women need flu vaccine

While recent reports have claimed that flu season has reached its peak, experts are warning people to remain vigilant about getting vaccinated. That vigilance is especially important for pregnant women, who are especially susceptible due to a weakened immune system. Dr. Emily Neri, an obstetrician with Physicians for Women in Lincoln, Nebraska, said that any… Read more »

Flu Vaccine: 62 Percent Effective This Season

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness in 2013

Abnormally bad cases of the flu have been circulating around the United States in 2012 and 2013. In response to the dangerous viral infections being witnessed, the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) are reporting a 62 percent efficacy rate against the virus. Larry Hill, regional public information officer for the Virginia Department of… Read more »

Flu ‘Epidemic’ Spreads To 41 States

flu spreads to 41 states

The flu “epidemic” rapidly spreading across the United States is reportedly the worst outbreak in in a decade. A total of 41 states have now reported cases of the flu, and the severe winter cold season is just beginning. According to recent flu statistics, a total of 18 children died from the flu this winter…. Read more »

Universal Flu Vaccine On The Horizon After New Discovery

universal flu vaccine 2012

La Jolla, CA – A universal flu vaccine could be on the way to becoming a reality after researchers in California made headway in preventive measures in flu protection. The universal flu vaccine discovery could pave the way for more comprehensive flu protections,and even eventually reduce the need for a yearly flu shot. The findings… Read more »