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Treon Harris In Trouble With The Law, Again

Treon Harris pulled over for speeding, marijunna found in the car.

Florida Gators quarterback Treon Harris is facing charges again, after having another run in with campus police who are giving him a pass on the more serious charges. Last month, Harris was pulled over by University police late at night for speeding on campus when a strong odor of marijuana was pouring out of the… Read more »

Rare Albino Dolphin Spotted Off The Florida Coast [Video]

Rare Albino Dolphin

Just a month after the Inquisitr reported about a Japanese fisherman netting an ultra-rare albino dolphin, we now have reports of a similar spotting in the Florida coast. According to KHOU, the snow-white, albino dolphin was spotted at an estuary off Florida’s east coast in the second week of December. According to the KHOU report,… Read more »

Bigfoot Bathing In Forest Captured By Fisherman In Florida

Bigfoot bathing

A striking photo of Bigfoot bathing in a forest pond was recently sent by a fisherman to the Huffington Post, kicking off paranormal sightings for 2015. In the photo, above, we see what appears to be a Bigfoot or ape-like creature taking a dip in a tranquil forest pond, submerged up to its armpits, perhaps… Read more »

Florida Mayor Calls For GMO Free Vending Machines

Florida Mayor mandates GMO fee choices for city vending machines.

In a small victory against GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), a mayor of a town in Florida has called for GMO free vending machines in all the city owned buildings. Peter Bober, the mayor of Hollywood, Florida, has passed a new mandate that will require all of the 45 vending machines that the city owns to… Read more »

Two Roane State Scientists Break World Record For Living Underwater

Jessica Fain on Class Under the Sea

Two scientists from Roane State Community College have broken the world record for the longest time anyone has lived under the sea, having spent nearly ten weeks living underwater as of yesterday. Jessica Fain and Bruce Cantrell spent over two months living underwater off of Key Largo, Florida, at Jules’ Undersea Lodge, the same location… Read more »

Puerto Rico Suffers From Chikungunya Virus

Chikungunya virus outbreak in Puerto Rico was addressed by the CDC.

The past few months have been filled with epidemics; the most noticeable of them would be Ebola. Chikungunya is a virus that mostly slipped under the radar in news stories about the varied illnesses. It is a mosquito-borne virus that causes severe joint and muscle pain as well as fever, headache, nausea, and a rash…. Read more »

Bear Attack Leaves 68-Year-Old Woman In Central Florida Injured

Florida bear attack

A bear attack in Florida on Wednesday night has left a 68-year-old woman injured. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the incident happened in the town of Heathrow in Central Florida. The woman who has been attacked has been identified as Jeanne Barber. The bear attack happened as she was walking her dog near her home…. Read more »

Florida Grants Satanists Equal Representation In Capitol


The state of Florida has agreed that satanists, those who worship the devil, deserve equal representation in the capitol. This is not the first time satanists have been in the news. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr, Republicans call abortion supporters satanists — quite a huge accusation. Satanists, who belong to the The… Read more »

Pregnant Dolphin Shot And Killed Off Florida Coast

At least 17 dolphins have been shot over the past decade in the gulf coast.

The body of a pregnant dolphin was discovered Friday on the shores of Miramar Beach, Florida. Authorities say the wild dolphin was the victim of a deadly gunshot wound in a series of disturbing violence against dolphins. A bullet was recovered from the dolphin’s body and appears to be from a small caliber gun. The… Read more »

Gunman Dead, 3 Wounded in Florida State University Shooting [UPDATED]

Gunman opens fire at  a Florida State University campus library full of students.

[UPDATE: Gunman has been identified as an FSU alumnus and local attorney, name not yet released.] The gunman in a Florida State University school shooting was been killed by Tallahassee police and at least three students were wounded in a late night scene of violence and chaos. Just after midnight, a gunman opened fire at… Read more »

Rare White Tiger Cub Finds Her Voice

At just four weeks old, Maylea is still exploring her surroundings.

A rare white tiger cub, born less than a month ago, is beginning to find her voice, attempting to roar as she prowls her new surroundings at Dade City’s Wild Things Park in Florida. As the Daily Mail reports, the tiger cub has been named Maylea by staff at the park, which is famous for… Read more »