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Giant Alligator Makes Its Presence Known At Florida Golf Course

Giant Alligator Golf Course

Last week, golfers at a popular golf course in Florida spotted an enormous alligator headed for the pond not far from the putting surf near the 7th hole. Many of the golfers took photos with their cell phones because they knew no one would believe a creature this massive existed. When the photos of the… Read more »

Climate Change Banned From Florida’s Vocabulary

Gov. Rick Scott bans term climate change

“Human influence on the climate system is clear.” That’s the conclusion U.N.-appointed scientists made about climate change in 2014. Though Florida Governor Rick Scott isn’t one of these scientists, he needs “something more convincing than what I’ve read” to believe in the phenomenon. And he’s so not convinced that the governor has informally banned the… Read more »

Where In The World Is Katharine The Great White Shark?

Katharine The Great White Shark

Katharine the great white shark recently made headlines with her brief trip to Florida’s east coast, yet the famous predator has since gone silent, leaving fans to wonder just where her fin will next break the surface of the sea. Arriving off Fernandina Beach late last month, Katharine embarked on a tour of the Space… Read more »