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Florida Gun Supply Storeowner Andy Hallinan Declares ‘Muslim-Free’ Zone, Claims No Racism Existed In America Until President Obama Took Office [Video]

Florida gun

There’s a new YouTube video called “Chatanooga [sic] Shooting: Florida Gun Supply’s Response to Terrorism” taking off that’s certainly getting plenty of attention online. The video, published on July 18, has gotten more than 11,000 views since that time. Perhaps because of the heated comments that the video, which misspells “Chattanooga” as “Chatanooga,” put forth… Read more »

Woman Arrested For Slapping Her Boyfriend Across The Face

Woman Arrested For Slapping Boyfriend

A woman arrested on domestic battery charges allegedly slapped her boyfriend across the face after discovering he was watching pornography. According to a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department crime report posted on the Smoking Gun website, the 29-year-old woman woke up her live-in boyfriend by smacking him across the face. The following is what was actually… Read more »

Baby Left In SUV, Dies In Laurderhill, Florida


A baby died by being left in an SUV after the infant’s parents went shopping. The death occurred outside an apartment complex in Lauderhill, Florida on Wednesday. Temperatures hit 91 degrees in the area that day. The baby’s parents and four older siblings did not notice the infant wasn’t “anywhere around” until they were unloading… Read more »

Pizza Delivery Guy Busts Huge Cockfighting Ring

cockfighting ring busted

An unnamed pizza delivery guy is responsible for putting an end to a huge cockfighting ring in Orlando, Florida. According to the report from Fox News 30, the pizza guy made a delivery to the compound in the middle of a cockfight. He alerted the authorities after he left. Sheriff Grady Judd questioned the intelligence… Read more »

UFO Spotted By Several People During PGA Tournament [Video]

UFO sighting during PGA

Video footage of last month’s PGA tournament in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, appears to show a UFO flying overhead as golfers took part in the championship event. According to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one viewer watching the event at home “noticed a weird object in the sky.” “When you see the pictures, people may… Read more »