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Congressman To Introduce Legislation To Ban Trillion Dollar Coin

Trillion dollar coin illegal

Just when you thought the insanity over the nation’s 16 trillion dollar debt and our government’s total unwillingness to reduce deficit couldn’t get any worse, some lunatic decided minting a trillion dollar platinum coin would be the perfect way to allow the President to pay for all those bloated government programs without the approval of… Read more »

House Passes Bill To Avert Fiscal Cliff

Fiscal Cliff Deal Passed House

The House of Representatives passed the bill to avert the fiscal cliff on Tuesday after House Republicans relented to the Senate’s “far from perfect” plan. The House passed the bill 257 to 167 with bipartisan support, making it possible for the country to avoid across the board tax hikes and spending cuts. House leaders initially… Read more »

Senate Blocks Their Own Pay Raise

Senate to block its own pay raise

Early Tuesday morning, the Senate did something most of us never expected. After President Barack Obama approved a pay raise for government officials due to “cost of living,” the Senate moved to block it. The bill contains a one-sentence provision that would block a scheduled adjustment for representatives and senators that is set to take… Read more »

Congress Gets A Pay Raise As Fiscal Cliff Nears

Congress is close to a deal

The United States is just a few days away from tumbling over the fiscal cliff, which means there is only one logical thing to do: Give everyone in Congress a pay raise. The Huffington Post reports that President Obama gave members of Congress, federal workers, and Vice President Joe Biden an early New Year’s gift… Read more »

GOP Caves, Fiscal Cliff Deal Is Finally Imminent [Video]

Congress is close to a deal

Yesterday, Congress wasn’t even close to a fiscal cliff deal. Suddenly, they’re a few flicks of the pen away from sealing an agreement and preventing the country from driving into another recession. What changed? Who caved? Did that silly Starbucks campaign actually work? On Fox News Sunday, Senator Lindsey Graham (well-known as a staunch Conservative)… Read more »

Americans Fed Up With Fed Over Fiscal Cliff

avoiding the fiscal cliff isn't so simple

It can be somewhat difficult to gauge where the American people are at regarding the looming threat of the fiscal cliff. Though most Americans seem to have President Obama’s back while a precious few will hold Democrats in Congress responsible for failed negotiations, it’s safe to say that the one thing we have in common… Read more »

Starbucks Uses Coffee Cups To Send ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Message To Congress

Fiscal Cliff

Starbucks thinks members of Congress should “come together” to reach an agreement before the country plummets off the edge of the so-called “fiscal cliff.” In an effort to send a message to the US government, the coffee giant is asking its Washington-based stores to scrawl the words “Come Together” on the company’s cups. According to… Read more »