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Katy Perry Gets Nude For Moschino Ad [Photos]

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has never been one to be shy about her body. Even so, fans were shocked this week to learn that Katy Perry went nearly nude for the new Moschino ad campaign. Shortly after the pop singer announced she would be the new celebrity face of the brand, new NSFW photos surfaced showing a… Read more »

Las Vegas NYE: 80,000 Fireworks To Light The Sky [Video]

New Year's Eve in Las Vegas

It’s going to be one huge party on the Las Vegas Strip this year, as 80,000 fireworks explode into brilliant life, ringing in the New Year. Not only that, a bevy of stars will be entertaining the crowds as they party at the start of 2015. Details were announced by officials from Las Vegas Events… Read more »

The ‘Human Firecracker’ Is Just Plain Awesome, Though Also Equally Crazy!

Human Firecracker

Most Americans prefer to wait until the Fourth of July to set off sparklers, fountains, helicopters, cakes, shells, mortars, parachutes, bottle rockets, and, of course, firecrackers. Not Michigan resident John Fletcher. According to The Huffington Post, the self-dubbed “Ghengis John the Human Firecracker” frequently straps thousands of firecrackers around his body and sets them off…. Read more »

Fireworks Explosion Outside Comanche High School Kills 1, Injures 4

A fireworks explosion in Comanche killed one man and critically injured others.

As KIWANIS club members began to set up for the annual Fourth of July fireworks show, there was an accident just outside the Comanche High School this morning. Something triggered the fireworks as they were being unloaded and caused an explosion. Local chiropractor and licensed pyrotechnician, Dr Russell Reynolds, was killed in the explosion. He… Read more »

Happy Fourth Of July! Here’s 5 Hilarious Fireworks Fails [Videos]

fireworks fails

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Despite budgetary cutbacks nationwide, it’s safe to assume that most of you reading this will be seeing fireworks tonight, yes? Yeah, you probably will. Fireworks can trace their origins all the way back to 7th century China, but here in America, we’ve used them to commemorate out Independence Day since… Read more »

Fireworks Explosions Video Round-Up For Your 4th Of July Pre-Party

fireworks explosions

What’s better than a fireworks explosion disaster video to get you in the mood for your upcoming 4th of July celebration? Well, how about six fireworks disasters to wreck your own nerves and those of everyone around you? 2012’s biggest 4th of July fireworks disaster, as you’ll remember when you watch the top video, was… Read more »