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Glendale Fire Consumes 150 Acres of Hillside

Brush fire over Glendale

A massive brush fire broke out north of Glendale City on Sunday, covering 150 acres of steep California hills. According to NBC Los Angeles, containing the fire required the help of nearly 200 firefighters from Burbank, Pasadena and Los Angeles City, and the help of the U.S. Forest Service. The Glendale Fire Department reported the… Read more »

Firefighters Fight Fire With Fire In Arizona As Wildfire Rages On

In Arizona, firefighters fight a wildfire with backburn.

Firefighters in Arizona have been working tirelessly to quell the flames of a wildfire that began on Tuesday afternoon between Flagstaff and Sedona. Firefighters spilled into Arizona in an attempt to keep the wildfire contained. There are close to 1,000 firefighters currently battling the blaze. So far, the Arizona wildfire is currently only affecting Oak… Read more »

Firefighters Respond To Extinguish Blaze, Do Something Amazing

Firefighters Help Deliver Baby

Firefighters have always been some of the greatest heroes of the society, only visible when needed and vanishing when the task is completed. The list of their heroics may be a long one, but recently, two firefighters added a completely new skill to their resume. Over 70 firemen were called in an emergency to douse… Read more »

Illegal Immigrant Sues Firefighters Who Saved His Life

north metro fire rescue

Roy Ortiz, an illegal immigrant, is suing the firefighters who saved his life. An attorney for Ortiz recently filed court documents related to the incident which occurred last September. His client was trapped in his car during a flash flood on US 287 in Colorado. The Ortiz lawsuit names first responders from the Boulder County… Read more »

Respected San Jose Firefighter Faces Shocking Drug, Underage Sex Charges

San Jose Firefighter

A respected San Jose firefighter who led that Silicon Vally city fire department’s outreach programs with local schools and churches, appeared in court Tuesday to face charges of selling the dangerous drug methamphetamine and engaging in sex with an underage boy. But in his court appearance, 53-year-old Mario Enrique Cuestas was arraigned only on three… Read more »

Building Owner Arrested In Fire That Killed Two Ohio Firefighters

Ohio Firefighters Killed, Building Owner Arrested

An apartment building owner was arrested for intentionally starting a fire that killed two Ohio firefighters. James Dickman, age 31, and Stephen Machinski, age 42, were killed on the line of duty on Sunday January 26. The building’s owner, Ray Abou-Arab, is now being charged in their deaths When the blaze was set, there were… Read more »

Lest we forget…

Lest We Forget

Heroes. And nine years on… it’s not all kittens and happy ...