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Shreddies: The Underwear That Filters Your Flatulence

Shreddies Filter Flatulence

Fear not, flatulent folks, your foul fragrances have met their match in Shreddies, the undies that filter your farts. That’s right, Shreddies, “manufactured with love in the UK,” have the ability to cleanse your gas of odor and allow its wearers to freedom from their fears of flatulence. As The Inquisitr previously reported, doctors advise… Read more »

Alien Farts Might Be Key To Discovering Life On Other Planets

Alien Farts

Farts might be the best way to find alien life on other planets according to a new theory by a group of scientists. The team tells the European Planetary Science Congress that “gas byproducts” are likely the first clues to existence around distance stars. The group wants to sniff out methane gases and nitrous oxide… Read more »