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‘The Simpsons’ Not Ending Anytime Soon

The Simpsons

It’s been a very good year for the Simpsons family and the rest of the residents of fictional Springfield. First, the FXX network ran an incredibly successful, “Every. Simpsons. Ever.” marathon for 12 straight days right before the Labor Day holiday. During the historic marathon, all 552 episodes were aired back-to-back-to-back in order, and fans… Read more »

How Mila Kunis Became The Voice Of Meg Griffin On ‘Family Guy’

Meg Griffin actress

If you didn’t catch the first season of Family Guy then you might not know that Mila Kunis wasn’t always the voice of the black sheep family member Meg Griffin. Meg Griffin, who is constantly put down, and whose looks are at the center of many jokes, wasn’t always voiced by Kunis. As Huffington Post… Read more »

‘Simpsons’ ‘Family Guy’ Crossover Draws Fire For Rape Joke

'Simpsons' 'Family Guy' crossover rape joke draws controversy

The Simpsons Family Guy crossover is still on its way, though a controversial joke has drawn criticism and dismay. During the trailer for the show, there is a rape joke which has seemingly brought Seth MacFarlane back into a negative light. Both primetime cartoons are known for their edgy humor. The Simpsons drew early dismay… Read more »

Has Peter Griffin Of ‘Family Guy’ Come To Real Life? (Video)


A YouTube video that was making its rounds on the Internet over the weekend shows what could be the best and most realistic Peter Griffin impersonation ever attempted. The video, which describes itself as having been shot at the Allentown, Pennsylvania, Comic Con 2014, shows how one man mesmerized an audience with his impression of… Read more »

Brian The Dog Dead So Seth MacFarlane Can Quit ‘Family Guy’?

Brian The Dog Dead So Seth MacFarlane Can Quit 'Family Guy'

Was Brian the dog killed off so Seth MacFarlane can quietly quit Family Guy? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, after the death of Brian Family Guy fans immediately launched a petition to bring him back and so far at least 125,000 have signed up. Steve Callaghan, the producer of Family Guy, explained why they… Read more »

Family Guy: Brian Dead, Killed By Writers, And Fans Are Outraged He Died

Family Guy: Brian Dead, Killed By Writers, And Fans Outraged He Died

Family Guy decides to have Brian killed and the villagers are revolting. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Fox recently announced a Family Guy, Simpsons crossover episode planned for 2014. As if the title wasn’t spoiler enough, just gonna say it anyways: SPOILER ALERT! Last night on Family Guy, the Griffin’s said goodbye to Brian,… Read more »

Seth MacFarlane: Is His New ‘Bordertown’ Show Too Racist?

Seth MacFarlane gets new animated comedy series on Fox

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, and collaborator Mark Hentemann, are trying their hand once again at a new comedy for Fox. MacFarlane managed to persuade the powers-that-be at Fox to air a 13-episode show called Bordertown. The story is set in a made up desert town on the U.S.- Mexico border and focuses… Read more »

‘Family Guy’ Chicken Fight Reenacted … By Women [Video]

'Family Guy' chicken fight live reenactment with women

Family Guy’s chicken fight has been reenacted in real life by a couple of dedicated women. This is the original “Epic Chicken Fight” from the cartoon, in case you wondered. Fans of Family Guy will always remember those infamous fights between Peter Griffin and the giant chicken. They are some of the most famous side-jokes… Read more »