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EU Warns: Leave Facebook If You Value Your Privacy


A stark warning has been issued by the European Union: delete your Facebook profile if you don’t want your privacy to be compromised. A report from Naked Security says that the EU is recommending people who don’t wish to have their personal details spied on by US agencies should leave Facebook for good. The statement… Read more »

Facebook Users Report Seeing Private Messages Showing Up In Timeline

Facebook Privacy Update

Facebook has managed to pull off its biggest privacy gaffe to date. The social network on Monday accidentally began displaying users private messages directly on their Facebook timeline, allowing other users to see their private conversations. According to Facebook the private messages were those written in 2009 and they showed up as “Posted by friends.”… Read more »

Facebook to Allow Users to Vote on Privacy Changes

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Brace yourselves: the onslaught of Facebook privacy-related status updates is coming. Basically since the first Face was Booked way back in the mid 2000’s at Harvard, people have been moaning about their privacy on the social network. On one hand, it seems pretty simplistic- a bunch of people utilize a free service for sharing details… Read more »

Consumer Reports Examines Facebook Privacy From The User End

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Consumer Reports often looks at a company’s practices, products or services from the consumer’s viewpoint in a review-type way, but a new report by the trusted watchdog brand has delved into how users of the service could be managing their privacy settings in a far more proactive way. The June issue of Consumer Reports examines… Read more »