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How Royal Baby Made History Even Before He Was Born

Royal baby changed history

The royal baby’s birth was a historic event, just because it happened, it gave a new heir to the British throne, but even before Prince George was born he was changing the way royals did things. This lists some of the firsts that came with Prince George Alexander Louis. Heir No Matter What The Gender… Read more »

Boulby Mine Bacteria Means Aliens Or Something [Video]

Boulby mine

Boulby Mine’s bacteria population might hold clues that can help us understand alien life, according to researchers. The mine runs through North Yorkshire on the north-end of England and is normally mined for salt and potash. It’s one of the deepest mines in Europe, and UK Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh Professor… Read more »

Royal Baby: The World Waits To Meet The New Heir

royal baby: expecting a glimpse at the new heir

The royal baby, a boy, was born on Monday, July 22 at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Now, the world is waiting to meet the new heir to the British throne. Kate and baby are reportedly doing well, but Kate was kept overnight, as is traditional, for observation to ensure she is ready to go… Read more »

Rent-A-Mourner Helps You Pad Your Funeral With Weepy, Paid Guests


Essex, England – Want to pad your funeral with weepy guests? A new service, aptly titled “Rent-a-Mourner,” will help you out, guaranteeing no shortage of saddened actors at your wake. The Essex-based service provides fake mourners for £45 an hour, rented to cry throughout a funeral service in order to give the impression that the… Read more »

King Richard III’s Face: Reconstruction Gives Us First Look In 500 Years

Facial reconstruction

King Richard III’s face has been reconstructed by scientists and revealed to the world for the first time in 500 years. Some brief history: A skull was unearthed last year from under a parking lot in Leicester, England. After running the remains through a battery of scientific tests, the University of Leicester determined Monday that… Read more »

$16,000 Pineapple


Pineapples, Ananas comosus, belong to the Bromeliaceae family. A pineapple ...

Smoker’s Lungs Used In Transplant Results In Patient’s Death

Jennifer Grannell

London, England – A woman has died after receiving a smoker’s lungs during a transplant, according to Fox News. The 27-year-old woman received the transplant at Harefield Hospital in London. Roughly 16 months after receiving the transplant, the woman died of lung cancer. Her father is now asking that hospitals release the medical history of… Read more »

Trick-Or-Treaters Given Cocaine This Halloween

Trick-or-treaters given cocaine

Royton, England – Imagine the horror of parents discovering that their trick-or-treating children had been given baggies of cocaine this Halloween. Such was the case in Royton, where a man allegedly sought to give trick-or-treaters knocking at his door something a bit more extreme than your standard Halloween sugar-high. Police there have arrested a 33-year-old… Read more »

‘Stoptober’: Smokers Urged To Quit For A Whole Month

Stop smoking this October

ENGLAND – Across the pond, the British government is launching an anti-smoking campaign urging smokers to test themselves: For the entire month of October, quit smoking and see how you feel, is the gist of it. They’re calling it “Stoptober.” “Stoptober” is a government anti-smoking campaign that officially kicks off on October 1st and runs… Read more »

Bathroom Boa Constrictor Mistaken For Banana

Boa Constrictor Mistaken For Banana

The next time you’re cleaning house and happen across a banana in your bathroom, do yourself a favor and make sure the fruit isn’t a snake. According to MSN Now, Stacey Way, a 28-year-old mother of two from Dorset, England, thought she was removing a banana from her bathroom floor. However, when said fruit began… Read more »