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Ghost That Haunts UK Woman Casts Fishy Smell Of Fear And Foreboding

Laura Dickso, fishy smelling ghost

The living are often alerted to a ghostly presence by footsteps, knocking on walls or ceilings, objects that seemingly move by themselves and occasionally actually seeing the ghost, but smell? Well, United Kingdom Ghost Hunter Laura Dickson, 27, is actually alerted to a ghost by smell, a ghost smell that she believes has been following… Read more »

Obama Calls David Cameron ‘Bro’, British Prime Minister Confirms

Obama calls Cameron bro

Apparently President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are so tight that the American leader calls the European leader “bro.” Cameron himself confirmed the news, according to a report in the Telegraph and added that their relationship is indeed close, in public and behind closed doors. It’s no secret that Cameron is a… Read more »

NFL Plans to Field London Team By 2022

NFL looking to move to London

It was reported several weeks ago that the NFL was planning to have at least one, if not two, teams in Los Angeles in the next two years. Well, it looks like Los Angeles isn’t the only major city the NFL wants to field a team, as they’re looking to either move a current franchise… Read more »

Mysterious ‘Flying Man’ Buzzes Aircraft At 3,500 Feet

Air traffic controllers were unable to spot the flying man on radar.

Pilots of a passenger plane over England were stunned recently, when an object they describe as a “flying man” buzzed past their aircraft, at a height of 3,500 feet. The bizarre incident took place as the Airbus 320 was preparing to land at Manchester Airport on July 13, according to The Mirror. Appearing seemingly from… Read more »

2015 Glastonbury Festival Sells Out In Record Time

2015 Glastonbury Festival Sells 135,000 Tickets In 26 Minutes

Amid rumors of high profile, legendary potential headliners including Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and AC/DC, 2015’s Glastonbury festival in Somerset, England, sold out all 135,000 tickets in an astounding 26 minutes. Glastonbury has become a leading festival not only in Europe but worldwide, thanks to its reputation for always delivering stellar lineups. Performers for the 2015… Read more »

ISIS: Is America Going To War?

According to statement by White House, America is at war with ISIS.

ISIS has been a debated topic within the United States for a while now. On September 10, President Barack Obama addressed the nation about the role America intended to play in controlling the threat of ISIS. He spoke of the group as ISIL, another name for ISIS or Islamic State, and explained the complete and… Read more »