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Demi Lovato Hates Lady Gaga’s Display of Vomit

Demi Lovato Vomit Painter

Demi Lovato has had her share of bad publicity in recent months. It is public knowledge of her struggles with an eating disorder, cutting herself, drugs and mental illness. But, as of late, Lovato seems to have faced her demons and come out on the other side. Her concerts now depict a more sincere Lovato… Read more »

Eating Disorder? Teen Claims She Can’t Eat Anything Except Spaghetti


Eating disorder, or just a teen who hates her veggies? Meet Leah Frost, a teenager from UK who claims she can’t eat anything except canned spaghetti. The teenager says she cannot eat any other food aside from canned spaghetti and that she becomes anxious and afraid whenever she’s offered other types of food. According to… Read more »