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Duck Dynasty: Phil Robertson Compared To John The Baptist

Phil Robertson was recently compared to John the Baptist.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson — the Duck Commander himself — is known for his long beard, wearing camo, eating whatever critters he can hunt or fish out of the Louisiana swamp, and stirring up controversy when he speaks. The biblical figure of John the Baptist was known for wearing camel’s hair, eating locusts and wild… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Guys Getting Congressional Campaign Jobs?

The Duck Dynasty guys pose with their hunting rifles.

Earlier this month, The Inquistr reported that the nephew of Phil Robertson, one of the cast members from the reality show Duck Dynasty, would be running for a Congressional seat. Now it seems the candidate, Zach Dasher, will be giving campaign jobs to his uber-famous Duck Dynasty family members. It’s unclear whether or not Dasher… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Wedding Coming Up; Will It Be On The Show?

A 'Duck Dynasty' wedding may be in the makings as fan favorite Justin Martin popped the question.

Duck Dynasty fans rejoice, it appears wedding bells are in the air for non-Robertson family cast member Justin Marin, who works at the Duck Commander headquarters and is regularly featured on the show. According to a Fox News report, Martin proposed to his girlfriend, Brittany Brugman, sometime last month. Justin told the world himself on… Read more »

Duck Dynasty Producer Opens Up About Phil Robertson

phil robertson

Duck Dynasty producer Deidre Gurney revealed what she thought about Phil Robertson’s statements about homosexuality during a recent interview. Gurney said that although she remained silent as controversy swirled around the reality show star, she wanted to defend Robertson. During an interview with the Hollywood Reporter the Duck Dynasty producer had this to say about… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Calls Obama And The Democrats ‘Evil’

'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Calls Obama And The Democrats 'Evil'

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is certainly known for making controversial statements, but now he has entered the political arena by openly listing the agenda of President Obama and the Democrats as “evil.” In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Duck Commander family is apparently being credited for making long beards the latest fashion statement…. Read more »

Jase Robertson Of Duck Dynasty Was A Virgin On Wedding Night

Jase Robertson says he was a virgin when he married Missy.

Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was a virgin when he married Missy. The affable Duck Dynasty star was 20 years old at the time. Jase Robertson shared the fact that he and wife Missy were both virgins on their wedding night in an interview with Fox411. Among other things, the Duck Dynasty revealed that… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Making Long Beards A Fashion Statement?

Duck Dynasty Long Beards

Has the Duck Dynasty family managed to make wearing long beards a fashion statement? In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you visit the hometown of the Duck Commander it is said the quickest way to find the Robertson family is to “follow the beards.” Even a bunch of smooth-skinned business types are willing… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Cheated And Miss Kay Stayed: Why?

Duck Dynasty

The Duck Dynasty cast might have you seriously entertained week after week, but life hasn’t always been happy-go-lucky for the reality television stars. In a new interview with Fox News,Miss Kay was asked about her husband Phil Robertson’s past — specifically about why she decided to forgive him for drinking and for cheating (among other… Read more »

‘Duck Dynasty’ Cancelled Soon? Season 6 Ratings Need Success

Phil Robertson GQ Interview Used By A&E To Manipulate 'Ducky Dynasty' Family

Could we see Duck Dynasty cancelled by the A&E Network? It’s said that the Duck Dynasty Season 6 ratings numbers could definitely improve since the Duck Dynasty Season 5 finale failed to meet the high marks set by previous seasons. In a related report by The Inquisitr, first a Michigan utility Duck Dynasty contest was… Read more »