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Drunk Driving Mother Arrested With Baby In Car

Drunk Driving Mother Arrested

Sheriffs arrested a mother for recklessly drunk driving with her child in the vehicle. Hillary Regester was reported driving drunk in a silver Ford Taurus into the path of oncoming traffic and all over the road. Eventually, sheriffs were able to catch up and apprehend her before anyone was seriously hurt. At 2:30 p.m., the… Read more »

Michael Jackson: Aaron Paul’s Night With Michael Jackson

aaron paul talks about michael jackson

A new story about Michael Jackson has been revealed by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. Paul was a guest on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last Thursday, and he discussed a funny story about his night with Michael Jackson. Paul said he and Jackson met at a party in London for the Prince of Brunei. “It… Read more »

Drinking Habits Reveal Difference Between Men And Women

Differences in the description of drunk men and women due to stereotypes

Drinking habits have recently been the subject of a study to reveal even more differences between men and women. The results show that intoxicated men tend to be described by others in exaggerated drunk terms, while generally the descriptions regarding women are downplayed. These findings come out of a recent study published in Alcoholism: Clinical… Read more »

Norwegian Drunk Passes Out On Airport Baggage Belt

Norwegian Drunk Passes Out On Airport Baggage Belt

A drunk Norwegian tourist passed out drunk on the baggage belt of Rome’s Fiumicino airport. According to The Telegragh, the 36-year-old man arrived at Italy’s busiest airport with a backpack and a can of beer in his hand. The man, who has not been named, was supposed to catch a flight to Oslo. However, once… Read more »

The Morning After

not moving

If I had a dollar for every time this happened, I could probably buy one of ...