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Destructive And Deadly Wildfires Rage Through California

Image is of another destructive wildfire that affect California in 2014.

This has been a difficult wildfire season for California. Due to record drought conditions in California, a wildfire can start easier, burn longer, and travel farther. Cal Fire, a wildfire fighting agency, tweeted an interactive map that shows there are around twenty-five active wildfires throughout California as of right now. Here’s a look at the… Read more »

Drought Shamed By The Government, California Cities Out Top Water Users

Shamed by the government: California cities out top water users.

Drought shaming is the newest social craze in California where the state’s historic four-year mega-drought has dried up reservoirs and left a million farming acres unplanted. New apps are targeting water wasters and a Facebook page has sprung up with photos and addresses of water offenders. Now, California city governments are playing the game too…. Read more »

West Coast Storms Lead To Flooding In Washington

Washington has experienced significant flooding this week.

This week there have been roughly seven–inches of rainfall east of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. The rain has caused the flooding of Duckabush and Dosewallips rivers in Washington. According to Keppie Keplinger, Jefferson County Emergency Management spokeswoman, rescue teams designed to handle flooding issues went door-to-door in the area. Several people were evacuated… Read more »

California Drought Is So Bad, There Is A Black Market For Water

Statewide Drought Forces Californians To Take Drastic Measures For Water Conversation

The California Drought has left the Golden State parched and brown, and scientists say it’s only going to get worse. It’s gotten so bad that law enforcement are now reporting that water theft is becoming increasingly common within California. Despite this epic drought, California has no way of monitoring exactly who is tapping into its… Read more »

Emergency Declared: King Wildfire Doubled Overnight

Kings fire doubled overnight, only 5% contained.

A state of emergency has been declared for El Dorado and Siskiyou counties in California.. The counties have been severely affected by the King and Boles wildfires, respectively. The King wildfire more than doubled in size overnight. It jumped from affecting 27,930 acres to approximately 71,000 acres by Thursday morning. Over 2,000 homes and 1,500… Read more »

Drought Victims Are Spray-Painting Lawns To Cover Up Dead Grass

Grass being painted green during the drought.

Many California home-owners are suffering through a major drought, which is driving them to take drastic measures to salvage their dying lawns. According to Yahoo News, residents of California are being forced to conserve water during a record-breaking period of low rainfall. Those who fail to conserve water are being fined. The dry conditions have… Read more »

Los Angeles To Be Doused With Massive Winter Rains This Week

Los Angeles Rain

Los Angeles is the middle of one of the worst droughts in recent memory, but that is expected to finally change this week when two major rainstorms roll into Southern California, hitting Wednesday night then again on Friday. The rain is likely to cause headaches and possible safety hazards for Los Angeles commuters, but nonetheless… Read more »

Experts Say To Expect Bigger, Fiercer Wildfires In West

Experts Say To Expect Bigger, Fiercer Wildfires In The West

It’s no mystery as to why we’ve been seeing more wildfires: more heat, more droughts, more fuel, and more people in the way are adding up to increasingly ferocious fires according to scientists. KWQC reported, “While no single wildfire can be pinned solely on climate change, researchers say there are signs that fires are becoming… Read more »

Mississippi River May Shut Down Due To Low Water Levels

Missouri River

Sections of the Mississippi River may shut down due to extremely low water levels, according to KTVI-TV. The recent drought has caused parts of the Mississippi River to dry up. Although many believe an increase in flow from the Missouri River would help these troubled areas, the Army Corps of Engineers is instead cutting back…. Read more »

US Drought And High Temperatures Are Wreaking Havoc On Infrastructure

US Drought bad on infrastructure

The US drought and record-breaking heat have combined to wreak havoc on much of the US’ infrastructure. The heat mixed with no rain not only affects farming, it also causes problems for concrete, steel and pavement all of which are susceptible to cracking and warping under 100-degree temperatures. In one case the New York Times… Read more »

USDA Declares Biggest Disaster In Agency’s History As Crops Dwindle

Withered corn during a drought

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has named 1,000 counties in 26 states as natural-disaster areas after drought conditions swept through most of the Midwest this spring and summer. With 1,016 counties under natural-disaster nearly one-third of the countries farmers are now eligible for low-interest loans meant to help them weather the lack of… Read more »