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Dropbox Acquires Social Photo Aggregation Platform Snapjoy

Drop Box Buys Snapjoy

Dropbox has purchased photo aggregation platform Snapjoy. The company collected images that have been captured on cameras and phones as well as photos posted to popular social networks including Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Snapjoy then shares its aggregated collections vis an iOS app and through its website. According to TechCrunch, terms of the deal… Read more »

Dropbox Spam Problem Blamed On Employee’s “Password” Recycling

Dropbox Hacked

Web storage firm Dropbox announced on Wednesday that the company’s recent troubles with spam are directly related to an employee who recycled their work password on a website that was hacked. Approximately two weeks ago Dropbox was breached by hackers who used the website to send various messages that promoted gambling websites. The spam was… Read more »