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Ray Rice Could Be Playing NFL Football Again Within A Month


A new report says that Ray Rice could be reinstated to the NFL inside a month. Rice was ‘suspended indefinitely’ after a video of him dragging his unconscious fiance from an elevator was released to the public, but ‘indefinitely’ may be coming to an end already, it seems. Ray Rice was suspended for two games… Read more »

UPDATE: Greg Hardy Deactivated By the Panthers, Will NOT Play Against Lions

Panthers Deactivate Greg Hardy At The Last Minute

Despite reports last night to the contrary, the Panthers announced today that they have in fact deactivated Greg Hardy in light of the recent domestic violence scandal surrounding him. Hardy, who was convicted of beating and threatening to kill his girlfriend this past July, is currently awaiting trial by jury regarding the incident. Greg Hardy… Read more »

3 Things To Do With Your Ray Rice Jersey

What to do with your Ray Rice jersey.

Since Ray Rice was dismissed from the NFL after the video of him assaulting his then-fiance on an elevator was released, many former fans may find themselves conflicted about what to do with their Ravens #27 jerseys. If your jersey now represents, to you, domestic violence, you may be trying to decide whether to burn… Read more »

Porn Star Christy Mack Was Warned To Stay Away From Her Ex

Christy Mack after a beating from ex Jon Koppenhaver

Christy Mack, a professional pornographic actress who was brutally attacked by her ex-boyfriend earlier this week, was apparently warned by her friends to stay away from Jon Koppenhaver. Christy’s ex, an MMA fighter known as War Machine, allegedly has a bad reputation for aggressive violence outside of the ring. Christy Mack posted pictures of herself… Read more »

‘Talladega Nights’ Actor Luke Bigham In Trouble With The Law, Again

Luke Bigham Arrested

For the second time in just over a month, Talladega Nights actor Luke Bigham is facing charges, this time for domestic abuse. He was arrested this week in Trussville, Alabama, for allegedly pushing his mother down the stairs. Luke Bigham, now 20, was the child actor who portrayed the 10-year-old version of Will Farrell’s character,… Read more »

Ex-NYPD Police Officer Kills Wife In Front of Their Two Children


On the morning of Saturday, Apr. 20, two young children were left traumatized with the agonizing memory of seeing their mother fatally shot by their own father. According to New York Daily News, Kevin Canty fatally shot his wife while their two children – a 4-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy – witnessed the entire act…. Read more »