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Nigella Lawson Is Rumored To Want a Divorce

Nigella Lawson Is Rumored To Want a Divorce

According to reports, Nigella Lawson is rumored to want a divorce from her husband, Charles Saatchi. Since the shocking pictures were released revealing her 70-year-old spouse “throttling” her in a restaurant, there has been many questions asked about their relationship. The “domestic goddess” of cooking has reportedly told close family and friends that she is nearing… Read more »

Woman Abuses Little Sister Over Bag Of Cheetos

Cheetos Abuse

Houston, TX – A woman allegedly knocked her younger sister unconscious over a bag of Cheetos, according to the Daily Mail. The girl was reportedly whipped with an electrical cord before being knocked out by her 23-year-old sibling. The fight began when Deby Mejia returned home to find her kid sister eating a bag of… Read more »