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Is Life Possible On Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ Moon?

What's lurking beneath the surface of Saturn's Death Star moon?

Could Saturn’s “Death Star” moon show some signs of life? A new theory has been proposed about the Death Star moon in the scientific journal Science about one of Saturn’s moons. Based a new model of the Death Star moon, it could be showing signs of a possible life-sustaining ocean under an icy crust. The… Read more »

‘Shark Week’ Producers Lied To Scientists Amid Ratings Dominance

shark week annoys scientists

Shark Week 2014 has come and gone, and with this year’s installment, Discovery has managed to bring in some of the the highest ratings of its 27 year history, though some contend that the network’s success comes at a price. Last week’s shark extravaganza, an annual outing for Discovery since 1987, topped the charts with… Read more »

Paul Walker Posthumously Appears In Shark Week Special

Paul Walker reportedly considered returning to school instead of continuing as an actor.

Paul Walker will posthumously appear in this year’s Shark Week as Discovery is set to air a special featuring footage of the actor and marine biology graduate filmed before his death late last year. Appearing in Spawn Of Jaws during 2013’s Shark Week, Paul Walker aided Dr. Michael Domeier in tagging a pregnant great white… Read more »

Evidence Of Men Wearing Trousers Discovered In A 3,000 Year Old Tomb

Oldest Trousers Discovered

Trousers are considered the mark of modern civilized man. However, evidence of men wearing custom fitted trousers has been discovered in an ancient tomb. Scientists have unearthed evidence of trousers in a Chinese tomb that could very well be the oldest ever found. Researchers were working in the ancient Yanghai graveyard in China’s Tarim Basin,… Read more »

At-Risk Youth Stumble Upon 7,000 Year Old Mummy After A landslide In Chile

A Chinchorro mummy

As far as rehabilitation and community service programs go, this one might just prove to be the most significant yet. A group of students enrolled in an archeology workshop, stumbled upon a preserved mummy that could date back thousands of years. The group consisting of children that were classified as ‘at-risk’, enrolled in an archeology… Read more »

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Willing To Sell The Company?

WWE Forbes

World Wrestling Entertainment, known worldwide as WWE has made quite an impact in the last 50 years. They are now far and away the best pro-wrestling promotion in the world and clearly they have made an impact in pop culture. Yet, some speculate that WWE could be sold by the Chairman of the Board, Vincent… Read more »

Astronomer Discovers New Moon Orbiting Neptune

Neptune moon discovery

An astronomer studying old Neptune images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope discovered a new moon orbiting the planet Neptune, NASA announced on Monday. This would be the planet’s 14th moon, and its smallest known to date, it is estimated to be about 12 miles in diameter, and is located about 65,400 miles from Neptune…. Read more »

‘Naked And Afraid’ Reality Show Rings True To Its Name


Naked And Afraid, a new reality show on Discovery, is giving viewers a taste of what it would be like to survive in some of the world’s most extreme environments. As the show’s title implies, Naked And Afraid leaves two naked survivors to fend for themselves during each week’s episode – one man and one woman… Read more »

Dogs Are Like Children, Says Study

Dogs Are Like Children, Similarities To Parent-Child Relationships Discovered

According to a recent study carried out by the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, dogs are like children when around their owners. From the report, that has been published in PLOS ONE, it has been discovered that dogs and children appear to share the “secure base effect”. This effect is normally used to describe how infants use their… Read more »

Several Black Holes Discovered In Andromeda Galaxy

Black holes discovered in Andromeda.

The largest collection of potential black holes ever found outside of our own galaxy have been discovered by astronomers in the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy. Scientists found at least 26 possible new black holes in the galaxy. A black hole is a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation… Read more »

‘Best Funeral Ever’ Postponed Until January Following Newtown Shooting

Best Funeral Ever Postponed

TLC has decided to move its upcoming reality television program Best Funeral Ever to January in the wake of the Newtown shooting, Deadline reports. Since airing the program after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School could be construed as insensitive, executives have made the decision to bump the show until early next year…. Read more »