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Watch Red Wings Vs Sabres Streaming Online Live


Red Wings vs Sabres. The Buffalo Sabres are currently in dead last in the Atlantic Division and have taken a serious look at the possibility of a playoff spot since well before New Year. In fact, they are hands down the worst team in hockey this year. Even if they were to win out, there… Read more »

Gene Simmons Of KISS: ‘Nothing Ever Came Out Of New York Except KISS’

Gene Simmons of KISS

Gene Simmons, the firebreathing bass player of the legendary rock and roll band KISS, not only breathes flame on stage during the notoriously theatrical KISS live shows, but he can do it in interviews, too. Never afraid to make controversial, even obnoxious comments in public, Gene Simmons’ previous verbal targets have included Muslims, women, and… Read more »

Detroit Mom Leaves Kids In Squalor With Gun, Takes Beau To ER

Detroit kids left hungry

Detroit police arrested a 37-year-old mother of five Wednesday after she left her three toddlers alone in a feces-filled house with a loaded gun as she drove her fiancé to the emergency room when one of her teenage sons shot him. When police arrived at the house in the 15000 Block of Ardmore, they found… Read more »

Hoffa Remains Not Found, Tipster Insists He Wasn’t Wrong [Video]

Jimmy Hoffa body found

  The latest search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains has officially been called off, but the man who sparked the renewed interest in the labor union figurehead’s death insists he isn’t wrong. “I know he’s there,” Tony Zerilli, who claims he was told that Hoffa was killed and buried beneath a barn, told NBC News before… Read more »

Insane Clown Posse Unhappy Over Cancelled Halloween Show

ICP Concert Cancelled

Insane Clown Posse are none too pleased about the cancellation of their forthcoming Halloween show, TMZ reports. Although the controversial rap group was ready and willing to kick off their “Hallowicked” show in Detroit, the venue suddenly decided to kick the proposed concert to the curb. Naturally, ICP and their loyal fans aren’t exactly thrilled… Read more »

Body Parts Found In Sewer Outside Of Detroit

Body Parts Found In Sewer

Sterling Heights, MI – Stumbling across pieces of human flesh inside a sewer system sounds like the premise of a horror movie, but that’s precisely what contractors recently discovered while cleaning out a sanitary pipe in a Detroit suburb. According to CBS News, the workers found body parts and scraps of skin mixed in with… Read more »

Detroit Lions May Face NFL Fines Following Bad Player Conduct

Nick Fairley Arrested and Detroit Lions Could Face Fines

The Detroit Lions have watched during the off-season as running back Mikel Leshoure was arrested for marijuana possession and Nick Fairley was arrested on two separate occasions for drunk driving and marijuana possession and now the franchise under NFL rules may face fines of its own. NFL rules state that when two players are suspended… Read more »