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Madonna Helps Detroit As She Prepares For ‘Rebel Heart’ World Tour

Madonna helps Detroit.

Madonna’s many good deeds usually go unnoticed, but that shouldn’t matter to Detroit — a town she has helped out by donating money for various educational and recreational activities. This weekend, Madonna took to Twitter to recruit others to help move the Detroit Achievement Academy. According to Michigan Live, Madonna is trying to raise $150,000… Read more »

Homeless Man Allegedly Steals Ambulance For Joyride To Strip Club

Man left in car following car crash

A homeless and apparently carless man allegedly stole an unlocked ambulance so he could go to a Detroit strip club called called the Booby Trap. The theft of the vehicle occurred outside the entrance of the McLaren Hospital in the Detroit suburb of Pontiac on Sunday night, the Detroit News explained. “Attendants had taken a… Read more »

General Motors Recall: Could Your Car Be Affected?

General Motors recall affects over 200,000 vehicles.

General Motors has not had the greatest track record in 2014. The company has recalled approximately 30 million vehicles since the start of the year, and more are constantly being added to that list. The Impala seems to be at the heart of General Motors’ problems. The 2014 Impala was recalled in February because of… Read more »

Lake Superior Still Frozen

Lake Superior temperatures.

A long and brutal winter has left Lake Superior frozen on the surface well into spring. According to Detroit News, the surface water over the deepest sections of Lake Superior are at least 6 degrees colder than normal. This weather anomaly will delay the point at which heavy evaporation begins in Lake Superior, which will… Read more »

Moo Cluck Moo: Fast Food Employees Start At $15 Per Hour

Owner of Moo Cluck Moo Brian Parker

Moo Cluck Moo, the Detroit area fast food restaurant that has made national news since it opened in April of 2013 by paying a starting wage of $12 an hour, increased the wage to $15 an hour. Crain’s Detroit Business reported employes at Moo Cluck Moo make $15 an hour or about $31,000 per year…. Read more »