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Nude Woman Crashes Car, Half-Naked Man Flees The Scene

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - MARCH 22: Drivers make their way through the rain on the southbound 57 freeway March 22, 2005 Orange County, California. According to the National Weather Service, Tuesday's storm has brought enough rain to make this the second-wettest season on record for the Los Angeles area and prompting the issuance of a flood advisory. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

A bizarre story has come out of Des Moines, Iowa, this week when police responded to an accident to find a nude woman sitting in the driver’s side of one of the crashed cars. Witnesses say the nude 25-year-old had a male passenger who ran from the scene wearing nothing but white shorts and shoes…. Read more »

Snoop Dogg Steps Up For Kids From The Inner-City

Snoop Dogg began a fundraiser to help inner-city kid's football team.

Snoop Dogg is pulling together some money for the Des Moines Inner City Urban Development youth football team. Last week, Snoop Dogg launched a crowd-funding Tilt campaign in order to meet the goal of $20,000 that would go toward new helmets and gear for the team. Snoop then pledged $5,000 of his own money to… Read more »

WWE News: WCW Sign Not The Reason Fan Was Kicked Out

WCW Sign Holder Was Kicked Out For Other Reasons

It’s the WCW sign heard around the world, and according to initial reports — including those propagated by some of my colleagues here at The Inquisitr — it’s what got a fan kicked out of Monday Night Raw in Des Moines, Iowa. But as they say, there are two sides to every story, and in… Read more »

Angry Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Urinates On Woman’s Door

Pizza Delivery guy urinates on door after not getting a tip

If you don’t tip the Pizza Hut delivery guy in Des Moines, Iowa, you may end up with urine on your doorstep. Chloe Teply ordered a pizza at her apartment complex last week and didn’t have the money for a tip. The pizza arrived, the delivery guy took the payment, but then things went wrong…. Read more »