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Denver Metro Children Experience Mysterious Severe Respiratory Problems

Denver Respiratory Issues

A mysterious respiratory illness has hit the Denver metro area, leaving more than 900 kids sick since August 18. The symptoms start out as a common cold, but worsen quickly, leaving those with asthma severely debilitated. “My head started hurting and after that my lungs started sort of closing up. It felt different,” said 13-year-old… Read more »

Knee Defender: The American Way?

Knee defender, aspect of American psyche.

The Knee Defender is a little slice of America–like a stone-wall General Patton with a scoundrel-ed Bernie Madoff bent. Or maybe the other way around? The Knee Defender is that crafty plastic armament you wedge into someone’s airplane seat to keep them from reclining onto your knees. After all, the best defense is a good… Read more »

NBC Refuses To Air Anti-Obama Movie Commercial

obama documentary

An NBC affiliate has refused to air an ad for a political ideology film about President Barack Obama. The 30-second commercial for There’s No Place Like Utopia focuses on the progressive ideology the creator imputes to President Obama and the Democratic Party. KUSA-TV in Denver reportedly told anti-Obama movie filmmaker Joel Gilbert that the commercial… Read more »

Red Rocks Shooting Intended Victim Was Schoolboy Q, Officials Believe

SWAT swarms the Red Rocks Amphitheater in search of the gunman responsible for the attempted shooting of Schoolboy Q.

Thursday night the Red Rocks Amphitheater hosted the “Feed the Rocks” concert. The concert, featuring Schoolboy Q, Nas and Flying Lotus, was to benefit anti-gang groups in the area. Shortly after the concert a man fired upon a white SUV. The SUV contained Schoolboy Q and several acquaintances. As a result of the shooting, three… Read more »

Red Rocks Amphitheater Shooting Leads To Venue Lockdown

Red Rocks Amphitheater at Night

A shooting at the Red Rocks outdoor amphitheater Thursday night put the entire venue on lockdown. The public shooting resulted in three wounded but no deaths. It happened at the end of the “Feed the Rocks” concert featuring Nas, Schoolboy Q, and Flying Lotus. The Huffington Post reports that the victims’ wounds were not life-threatening…. Read more »

Colorado Moose Attacks Two Women, Sends Them To The Hospital

moose attack

Colorado moose attacks are rare, but obviously something Colorado residents should be aware of following a moose attack on two women who were out walking their dogs. “We were just moseying along, hiking, enjoying our hike, and then all of a sudden, I looked up and he was looking right at me,” said Jacquie Boron,… Read more »

Plane Crashes Into Home, Pilot Walks Away Unharmed

plane crash

Denver, Co – A pilot is rubbing his lucky rabbits foot as a moment that could have gone very tragic ends up with just a big mess. Brian Veatch, an employee at Drag’n’Fly Banners, was buzzing around the skies with a Geico banner fluttering proudly behind him when he realized he was in trouble. “It… Read more »

Illegal Immigrant Sues Firefighters Who Saved His Life

north metro fire rescue

Roy Ortiz, an illegal immigrant, is suing the firefighters who saved his life. An attorney for Ortiz recently filed court documents related to the incident which occurred last September. His client was trapped in his car during a flash flood on US 287 in Colorado. The Ortiz lawsuit names first responders from the Boulder County… Read more »

Huge Explosion Rocks Westminster Outside Denver, Colorado

Huge Explosion Outside Of Denver Reported

A huge explosion in Westminster — a town just north of Denver, Colorado — destroyed at least two houses and damaged several others in a residential neighborhood. As many as 75 emergency responders were on the scene of what appears to have been an explosion caused by a natural gas leak. Speaking to the press,… Read more »