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Donald Trump Intentionally Tanking The GOP? Analyst Believes So


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been fraught with blunders – to say the least – from its inception a few weeks ago. In his announcement that he was running for president, Donald Trump went out of his way to insult Mexicans, calling them “drug dealers” and “rapists.” The backlash was almost immediate, with Univision cutting… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Is Announcing Her Run For President Sunday

Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State and New York Senator, Hillary Clinton, will be announcing her second run for the presidency this Sunday, is reporting. After announcing, Clinton will be making visits in Iowa and New Hampshire. “The trip to Iowa, where a third-place finish in 2008 ultimately led to the collapse of her presidential aspirations,… Read more »

Why Ted Cruz Doesn’t Stand A Chance

Ted Cruz

Republican senator Ted Cruz recently announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2016. While this ambitious and dramatic mouthpiece for the far right does have a small pack of devoted followers, his ubiquitous poor reputation will almost certainly keep him from the White House, and probably even from the Republican nomination. The news story alone… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Unsecured Email Scandal – A Lot Of Hot Air Over Nothing?

Calls For Clinton To Hand Over Server In Private Email Scandal

Giving her first press conference in over two years, Hillary Clinton faced the cameras yesterday, denying any illegality in her actions concerning use of a private, unsecured email account for business purposes. Journalists are hungry for the truth, as is America, following Mrs Clinton’s refusal to hand over the server employed while using the email… Read more »

CIA Officials, Dick Cheney, Fight Back On ‘Torture Report': Call It ‘Poorly Done,’ ‘Partisan’ And ‘Full Of Crap’


Following the release of what has come to be called the Senate Intelligence Committee’s “torture report,” interrogation techniques reportedly used by CIA interrogators of al-Qaida prisoners are being called “shocking” and “brutal“. Some are even calling for the heads of CIA members featured in the torture report, as well as that of former President Bush,… Read more »

U.S. Could Face Another Government Shut Down This Week

Congress has until Thursday to avoid a government shutdown.

As the Thursday deadline quickly approaches, Congress has yet to pass a bill that will keep the funding for the United States government going which means that the nation could be facing yet another government shutdown. The recent executive action on immigration taken by President Barack Obama has left many in the Republican party looking… Read more »

Rachel Maddow Rips Democrats On Keystone XL Vote

Rachel Maddow Hammers Democrats Over Keystone Vote

Rachel Maddow tore in to Senate Democrats on Tuesday for voting down the Keystone Pipeline (or Keystone XL), a Republican energy plan. Maddow, an anchor for the left-leaning MSNBC, couldn’t believe that Democrats would use what little time they have left as the majority party to waste time on Keystone when Republicans will simply pass… Read more »

Charles Krauthammer Begins Banging Drum Louder For Obama Impeachment

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer believes that President Obama might finally be getting ready to do something that would legitimately merit impeachment. After six years of Republican talking heads deciding there are a number of smaller offenses that could lead to impeachment, what does Charles Krauthammer think will finally be the big move? The Republican writer and frequent… Read more »

Bernie Sanders: ‘Election Day Should Be National Holiday’

Bernie Sanders: Make Election Day A National Holiday

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wants to make Election Day a national holiday, according to a new proposal that he’s written. Sanders’ motivations for the bill are the poor voter turnout from Tuesday’s election in which Republicans handily defeated Democrats in most major congressional races, retaking the Senate and adding seats in the already-red House of… Read more »

Charlie Crist Concedes FL Election, Loses For Third Time In Four Years

Charlie Crist defeated

Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist called his opponent, incumbent Republican Rick Scott, around midnight to concede defeat in Tuesday’s election. This marks the third time Crist has lost, for three different parties, in the last four years. Crist, a career politician, was defeated by Marco Rubio in the Republican primary in 2010, then was defeated… Read more »

Harry Reid Picks The One Race That Could Cost Democrats The Senate

Harry Reid Picks One Race To Determine The Senate Control

Harry Reid is showing serious concern over the Senate races that will be decided in Tuesday’s midterm elections. With a number of polling websites forecasting a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate — and a hold of control over the House of Representatives — the outlooks are pretty grim for Democrats. Having the GOP control… Read more »