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Farm Bill Defeat Stuns House Republicans, Food Stamp Cuts Rejected

Farm Bill Defeated In House, Food Stamp Cuts Rejection Stuns Republicans

A farm bill‘s failure to pass in the US House of Representatives Thursday has stunned Republicans. The legislation was expected to pass without difficulty but additions to the bill, which included food stamp cuts, proved to split the Republican dominated House. The farm bill was intended as an important overhaul that would eliminate billions of… Read more »

President Obama Attacks GOP Over Gun Control Debate

President Obama and Gun Control

President Obama believes House Republicans are not willing to budge on their gun control stance despite calls from a majority of Americans who are demanding changes to gun laws in the US. In a February interview with The New Republic, President Obama proclaims: “The House Republican majority is made up mostly of members who are… Read more »

Judge Delays Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson has ordered that Pennsylvania’s 6-month-old voter ID law be delayed until after the November election cycle. While an appeal is likely a new decision would have to be ruled upon within the next five weeks in order to positively effect the Republican party. Critics of the voter ID law which… Read more »