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ESPN Commenter Arrested Over Death Threats

LeBron James Sneaker Comments Lead to Arrest

Just because you can say something online does not mean you should say it. That was the lesson 21-year-old Yale dropout Eric Yee learned this week when his ESPN death threats led to his arrest. Yee visited the website and commented that he would be willing to kill kids who buy LeBron James’ over-priced… Read more »

Sheryl Crow: Deranged Fan Wants To Shoot Me

Sheryl Crow Stalker Trying To Kill Her

Singer Sheryl Crow revealed to a judge this week that a delusional fan is claiming she stole money from him and that he will shoot her if the money is not returned immediately. Crow on Monday filed a restraining order against 45-year-old Phillip Gordon Sparks, claiming that he began leaving “disturbing” messages on her Facebook… Read more »

Octomom Receiving Death Threats For Going On Welfare

Octomom on Welfare

Nadya Suleman, better known to millions of people as Octomom recently decided to put herself and her family on welfare and that decision has led to death threats from the internet’s less than friendly sector. TMZ broke the story yesterday and according to at least one source threatening phone calls from blocked numbers have been… Read more »