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Death Penalty Halted By Washington Governor

Death Row Washington

The death penalty is a legal form of punishment in the state of Washington. However, Governor Jay Inslee has halted all executions. Inslee announced that he will not allow any further executions while he is in office. Although his decision can be reversed by the state’s next governor, Inslee has the power to halt capital… Read more »

United States Seeks Death Penalty For Boston Marathon Bomber

United States To Seek Death For United States prosecutors will seek the death penalty for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnev

Th United States Justice Department said Thursday that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnev will face the death penalty, if he is convicted of his role in the April 15, 2013, terror attack. Tsarnev is accused of being one of two men who planted homemade pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon… Read more »

Warren Hill: Doctors Now Admit Death Row Inmate Has Mental Retardation

Warren Hill and Mental Retardation In Georgia Executions

Doctors evaluating Georgia death row inmate Warren Hill have now admitted that Hill suffers from mental retardation. In December 2000, at the request of the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, doctors examined Warren Hill and claimed he did not meet the criteria for mental retardation. At the time of his first diagnosis, doctors determined Hill suffered… Read more »

Carlos DeLuna Wrongfully Executed In Texas, Says Report

wrongfully executed

In 1989, Carlos DeLuna was executed for stabbing a gas station clerk to death in Corpus Christi. But a new report by Columbia University law professor James Liebman says that DeLuna was the wrong man. According to Liebman, DeLuna was put to death after a “very incomplete investigation.” Liebman said: “I would say that across… Read more »

Sahar Gul’s Torturers Jailed For 10 Years

Afghan Child Bride Sahar Gul

A fifteen-year-old Afghan child bride, Sahar Gul, was burned, beaten, and had her fingernails pulled out by three members of her husband’s family. The torturers were sentenced to 10 years in jail. Abdul Wakil Omari, Afghanistan’s supreme court spokesman, told AFP: “The court sentenced her father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law each to 10 years in prison… Read more »

Death Penalty Executed In Connecticut

Death Penalty Repealed In Connecticut

Connecticut lawmakers on Friday officially killed the death penalty in the state. Under the states new rules of law life without the possibility of parole replaces lethal injection as the most severe crime a person can receive. The bill was signed into law this morning by Governor Dan Malloy, making Connecticut the 17th state to… Read more »

California Voters To Decide Fate Of Death Penalty

Death Penalty In California

Voters in California will have a chance to end the death penalty in that state come November. A ballot measure to repeal the penalty will be added now that it has received the 500,000 signatures necessary to be added. The move would be a huge step for California, a state that houses nearly 25 percent… Read more »